Pros and Cons of Percolator Bongs

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Why Should You Buy a Percolator Bong?

A percolator though has an extra layer (or even more) of filtration and the more percolators the more filters. Therefore, a rule of thumb is that the more percolators, the smoother the bong rip will be.

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    This smoother smoke not only means less throat irritation; it also means that you will likely get higher with a bong. For an analysis of whether or not a pipe or bong will get you higher, Click HERE.

    Pros and Cons of Percolator Bongs

    A percolator bong does have several advantages. However, it is not for everyone. So, this overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a bong percolator is listed here.


    • Percolator-The added percolator means additional filtration as the additional percolator filters the weed smoke right before it hits the bong water.
    • Smoother Smoke– As I said earlier a water pipe results in smoother smoke. And when your smoke is smoother you will cough less, and your throat will not get as irritated.
    • Higher- Previously, I wrote an article that stated bongs, as they are smoother, will get you higher as you will be more likely to take in a bigger puff and hold in the smoke longer. With a percolator, with the added smoothness, compared to a regular bong you will be even more able to take a longer bong rip.


    • Cost-A cheap standard bong will cost you about $40. A decent percolator bong will cost you around $80 to start and designer ones can set you back thousands of dollars.
    • Filteration-Filteration is mainly positive. But, it does have a down point in that it also can filter out THC. So, an average weed pipe could get you higher than a mini bong with a small bowl.
    • Complex-Bongs with multiple percs can be tough to handle, and to some smokers, it just might not be worth the trouble.
    • Cleaning-A regular bong, with the residue and gunk, especially compared to pipe, can be tough to clean. But, a percolator bong with multiple chambers can be especially hard to clean.

    FYI-Percolator Types

    All Bong percs are not created equal. As such, if money is an issue. it can be tough to choose a percolator bong that is affordable and gets also the job done. The following is a list of the most common percolators that you might encounter, and each will be examined in detail below:

    • Honeycomb Percolator
    • Showerhead Percolator
    • Tree Percolator
    • Inline Percolator
    • Diffused Downsteam Percolator
    • Ice Catcher

    Tree Percolator

    The tree perc bong has a main tube and several side tubes. It works by the smoke going through the main tube and then being broken up or diffused through the side tubes. Additionally, some of the side tubes also contain extra smoke diffusers.

    Tree perc is valued for its compact size, which diffuses a large amount of smoke in a small area. One of the disadvantages of this percolator is that this smoking accessory has many small nooks and crannies that can be hard to reach for cleaning, and they are also breakable. Because Tree Perc is fragile it is recommended that you only purchase models that have thick glass.

    Honeycomb Percolator

    The honeycomb percolator is a band that is filled with numerous holes inside the percolator. The small holes result in smoke being better able to be broken up or diffused. And better diffusion is valued by smokers as it means maximum filtration and cooling, and also essentially no drag.

    Some honeycomb bongs have up to six percolators and as with other percolator, styles, with the honeycomb bong the more percs the better results.

    Showerhead Percolator

    The Showerhead is one of the most popular types of percs on the market and it was also was one of the first. So, it is tried and true stoner tech. The showerhead perc can be identified by a thin tubing that at the end forms a wide chamber.

    The showerhead perc is valued as it works well in breaking up the smoke, which in turn makes it easier for smoking.

    Inline Perc

    Inline Percolator can be recognized by its long horizontal tube that has slits on the side of the actual water pipe. They are known for excellent smoke diffusion along with unsurpassed airflow. The effectiveness of the diffusion depends upon the number of slits with the more slits the better the smoke is cut up.

    Diffused Percolator

    This is the most basic type of bong percolator and is most often found on the traditional, beaker, or straight tube bong. The diffused percolator happens where the perc is attached to the downstem* and slits are located under the water, which in turn cools smoke that is eventually inhaled by the smoker. As you are likely seeing the trend. The more slits the more filtering occurs.

    * Downstem-filters the smoke through the bowl and filters or breaks up the smoke through the bong’s water chamber.

    Ice Catcher Percolator

    The ice catcher perc is used on the ice bong is a bong that has idents on the sides of the bong’s neck. The idents hold ice that cools off the marijuana smoke before you inhale it. And cooler smoke means better smoke.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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