RIP-The Weed Nerd

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RIP-The Weed Nerd

The Weed Nerd (AKA “Subcool”), whose real name is Dave Bowman, was a legend in the cannabis industry and was indeed an Old School grower. He started marijuana cultivation in the early 80s primarily for personal use as he wanted to save money.

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    He soon found out that he had a talent for growing marijuana and started his life as a cannabis grower and breeder.  Also,  during those early days, Subcool smuggled marijuana. Unfortunately, Subcool’s venture into marijuana smuggling resulted in him being arrested in Florida and subsequently sentenced to prison. After he served his time, Subcool moved to the West Coast and became an MMJ activist.


    The Weed Nerd started becoming famous in the marijuana community in the early 90s when he hung out in an early 90s Online growing forum. He was known for being a mentor on the forum as he freely gave advice on growing cannabis but also on breeding cannabis strains. Subcool hooked up with another legendary grower on the forum, “Skoosk” who gave him 200 seeds, some of which were the classics Purple Haze and Northern Lights for the purpose of developing new and better strains

    Initially, it was tough going for Subcool and he had many failures trying to breed those 200 seeds. However, eventually, he was able to breed a strain he called the “Cleaner.” (It smelled like “Mr.Clean”) The Weed Nerd crossed the Cleaner with Jack Herrer male Sensi Seeds and named it Jack’s Cleaner.

    Jack’s Cleaner was the start of Subcool’s well-deserved legacy of excellence. Jack’s Cleaner, a Sativa hybrid, helped with stress and energized and gave the user a euphoric high. It has a rather low THC count at around 16%. According to Wikileaf, you should respect Jack’s Cleaner if you are a new smoker, as some smokers reported that it made them paranoid.

    Jack’s Cleaner 2, and Jack’s Cleaner BK are all variations of Jack’s Cleaner.

    TGA Genetics

    In 2001 SubCool teamed up with his wife MZJill and formed the TGA seed bank, which believed in “Open source breeding. ” Open Source breeding occurs when worldwide, medical marijuana breeders, collaborate on issues related to growing various types of cannabis strains. TGA and the Weed Nerd’s goal was to breed a unique strain that they would freely share with other MMJ farmers. In 2005 TGA became an official seed bank.

    TGA seeds were bred for medicinal use and many MMJ patients swear by them. TGA was also known for being sticklers for quality control as they throw out many strains, which did not fulfill their high-quality standards.

    Famous Strains

    TGA Seed’s top-shelf strain is Jack the Ripper, which was the result of over a year’s work. It is known for a lemon-like taste and a high percentage of THCV. TGA Seeds were also known for the strain Agent Orange, which worked well for treating depression.

    TGA also bred Vortex strain, which was a cross between the Space Queen and Apollo 13 strains. Vortex (tropical, sweet taste, and high THC) won an award for best Sativa at the 2010 High Times award.

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    Award Winner

    From Cannabis Cub, award-winning marijuana strains to lifetime achievement awards, the Weed Nerd and TGA Seeds also has won many awards from the Cannabis industry.

    One of his many achievements is the following cannabis strain, which won a coveted High Times Cannabis Cup award:

    • Vortex-1st prize 2010, San Francisco High Times Cannabis Medical Cup for best Sativa

    And Subcool also has the distinction of being the only grower to be awarded the following award:

    • 2017- Lifetime Achievement award from the High Times Magazine (One notable winner of this award is Tommy Chong.)


    The Weed Nerd to many is perhaps best known for his Youtube Channel Subcool420, which has nearly 56K subscribers and 766 episodes. Subcool had a knack for making complex subject matters easy.

    The show teaches cannabis cultivation and occasionally visits activities like the Cannabis Cup. The Weed Nerd’s Youtube show is recommended for both seasoned, newbie, and the hobby grower who wants to learn the ins and outs of cannabis breeding and growing.

    Subcool teaches everything from russet mites insect control to working with a vegging marijuana plant. A warning though, this show is for true weed nerds as the subject matter may be a bit confusing for newbie growers who just want to grow a few plants in a grow room or walk-in closet. But, if you are interested you should definitely check his  Youtube channel out.

    The first episode of his video is shown below:

    Other Talents

    Subcool is also known for being a cannabis photographer and a contributing writer for Skunk, HIGH TIMES. He wrote the Book Dank and Dank 2.0, which was a book of marijuana photos with commentary.

    2017 Tragedy

    In October 2017, tragedy struck the Weed Nerd when a forest fire destroyed his home in Santa Rosa, California. The fire burned down around 8,500 homes, and over 60 people were killed. Luckily he and his wife were able to escape unharmed, but over 4,000,000 cannabis seeds and tens of thousands of male and female cannabis plants were destroyed in the fire.

    Subcool, and his wife, escaped from the fire with only a few belongings he was able to collect and, as luck would have it, 490 cannabis seeds in his car.

    Humanitarian-The Weed Nerd after the fire was homeless, essentially his life’s work was destroyed, and also his wife left him. Almost everyone in his position would first think about himself. But, after the fire, the Weed Nerd did not think of himself first as he auctioned over 200 marijuana seeds and the proceeds of the resulted in $15,000 dollars being given to a colleague of his that was also devastated from the fire.

    After The Fire-The Dank

    No one would have blamed the Weed Nerd for not starting another company. After all, The Weed Nerd’s life’s work was essentially destroyed because of that fire. Also, he was a legend and he could have easily made a decent living consulting or managing other Cannabis farms.

    The Weed Nerd though had an entrepreneurial mindset and he decided to start again another Cannabis farm, in Arizona in 2019. He bought a home with a pool, drained the pool, set up his production facilities, and then started breeding, and farming marijuana in his pool. In its short history, in Arizona, through working with cannabis strains like Vortex, and Querkly, Subcool developed nearly 47 strains that have been distributed throughout the world.

    The Weed Nerd’s Final Chapter

    Unfortunately, the Weed Nerd’s story does not end in a fairy tale ending. Subcool was a victim of a rare respiratory genetic mutation that he fought for several years. The mutation resulted in him having both a lung condition and liver disease. This condition resulted in him having Emphysema and COPD. On February 1, 2020, he succumbed to this disease.

    Weed Nerd will surely be remembered for his contributions to MMJ. Also, Subcool could ‘ve given up after the disastrous 2017, Northern California fire. But, he didn’t and formed another respected company and went out on top. As a result, The Weed Nerd will be remembered for his contribution as a pioneer in both the legal MMJ industry and also for his positive and selfless attitude.

    TGA’s Best Strains



    It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that was bred for medicinal purposes. Because of it being bred for MMJ purposes, at least according to current standards, it has a relatively low THC%. It is known for giving users a euphoric, calming, and cerebral high. It has a taste that is similar to lemon, pine, and other citrus fruits. Below is a summary:

    Origin: Jack’s Cleaner (Sativa), Space Queen (Hybrid)

    • THC: 17%
    • Sativa: 70%
    • Indica: 30%
    • Reported To Treat: ADD, ADHC, Anorexia, Chronic Pain,


    Vortex is an award-winning, medicinal strain that won the best Sativa strain in 2010, at the “High Times Medicinal Cup”. Vortex is a Sativa dominant hybrid that has a sweet taste of a fruit medley with tastes of mango, and lemon. Many users state that Vortex helps with focus. Again, as it was bred for medicinal purposes, the THC count, based upon current standards, is relatively low.

    • Origin: Apollo 13 (Hybrid), Space Queen Strain (Hybrid)
    • THC: 18%
    • Sativa: 80%
    • Indica: 20%
    • CBD: .59%
    • Reported To Treat: Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraines,  and PTSD


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