Rock Resinator Review

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    Rock Resinator

    Rock Nutrients Rock Resinator Heavy Yields for Gardening, 1-Liter

    There are many “Bloom Boosters” or “PK Booster” fertilizer in the market. So, I am a bit cynical when I heard about Rock Resinator. Rock Resinator is based in Northern California in the United States and is manufactured by Rock Nutrients.

    Rock Resinator differentiates itself as being a premium, natural agricultural PK booster that is devoid of chemical plant growth regulators. Also, its extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium is designed to pack on extra size and weight and also enhance essential oil production. As a result, their products are expensive. The question that needs to be asked, here, is if the extra price for Rock Resinator is worth it or is your money best spent elsewhere.

    What is refreshing is that  Rock Nutrients doesn’t shy away from marketing their products as being for cannabis growers. 

    Rock Resinator

    Rock Resinator is a PK booster, and the label lists it as having the following nutrients:

    • 0%-Nitrogen
    • 7%-Phosphate
    • 8%-Potassium

    Rock Resinator also contains citric metabolites that help in seed germination, which results in optimum flower size to differentiate themselves from the competition.

    WITHOUT ANY PROOF, Rock Nutrients boasts that they use modern bio-stimulant tech* that helps speed up flowering growth and also essential oil production. Rock Resinator, as you may have already figure out, helps increase the resin concentrate up to 47%.

    *For example, what exactly is “Bio-Stimulant Tech”

    Rock Resinator claims to be natural. However, Rock Nutrients doesn’t list any organic certification. Granted, most certification is voluntary. So, the reason for this could be that Rock Nutrients does not want to spend money on third-party organic certification. Additionally, it could also mean that they do not believe that their products would actually pass certification.

    Plant Growth Regulator

    Plant Growth Regulators, (AKA “PGR”) was first introduced in general agriculture in the late 20s and early 30s. PGRs are a category that contains multiple types of synthetic technologies that are designed to pack on the extra size of plants. ALAR and Daminozide are examples of PGRs. Rock Resinator does not contain any Plant Growth Regulator. (AKA “PR”) For cannabis, PGRS is mainly used to give buds a tight, compact, and more desirable look.

    PGR use in crops is controversial as some PGRs have been linked to cancer. You should note that not all PGRs are carcinogenic. However, PGRs are not natural. So, stay away from PGRs if you want to grow cannabis organically.



    • Excellent Reviews-150+ reviews with Gea nearly perfect five stars.
    • All-In-One-Many five-star reviews claimed that Rock Resinator is the only fertilizer additive that cannabis growers will need.
    • Versatile-From hydroponics to plain old soil, Rock Resinator is suitable for all grow mediums.
    • Worth It-It’s generally agrees that this is expensive. But, the extra expense is well worth it.
    • Rock Resinator vs. Canna– One reviewer made a comparison between Rock and Canna and stated that cannabis plants using Rock were superior in that they had had more crystals and weighed approximately 10 to 15% more than Canna.
    • Natural Ingredients-I could not find any organic certification proof. However, they are a United States-based company. So, it is not a brash assumption that Rock ingredients are largely natural.
    • PGR- Rock is made of natural ingredients. Therefore, it is doesn’t contain any, synthetic based, plant growth regulators.
    • Gets The Job Done-The vast majority of top reviews stated that Rock Resinator uses an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium helps ensures your favorite plants are given the best opportunity to develop and pack on extra size and weight.


    Costs Too Much-The general trend of complaints concerning Rock Resinator was that it is simply not worth the money. For example, one reviewer stated he got the same results using Humboldt’s Secret Flower Stacker as with the Rock Resinator. However, Humboldt’s secret costs $30 more.

    Final Thoughts

    Rock Resinator is an exceptional product that, for some, is well worth the premium price. This statement is based upon its extremely high rating and the fact that people are willing to pay a premium price. If you are a professional grower or a serious home grower, you will not go wrong buying Rock Resinator. Newbie growers or an average home grower may not appreciate the added benefits that Rock Resinator provides and could use their money for better purposes. Personally, I would try cheaper products. I.E., Humboldts secret, For example, a home grower will likely not care about extra resin production.

    Final Recommendation-Use Rock Resinator (at least give it a try) if you are an experienced grower who needs to get the very best results. For newbie growers or casual hobbyists, growers thought Rock Resinatory might be considered overkill and, your money might be spent better elsewhere .


    How Do You Use Rock Nutrients?

    Rock Resinator is quite easy to use. Per their instructions, all you have to do is the following on the second week of flowering:

    1. Shake well before use.
    2. Add at a rate of 4ml to 10ml per gallon of water.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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