Smoke Buddy Review- The Original Personal Air Filter

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    Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter Review

    smokebuddy Smoke Buddy

    With numerous states legalizing weed for any purpose; cannabis is becoming more accepted and even mainstream. However, cannabis is still illegal under United States federal law, and smoking weed (cigarettes, cigars, and pretty much anything) is frowned upon. And, even if weed is legal it is still good Karma to not want to anger, your neighbors, with second hand smoke.

    That’s why personal air filters (AKA purifiers) that are designed to eliminate the smell of all forms of smoke ranging from tobacco to cannabis, is an excellent product that serves the cannabis community and also the cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoker.

    Depending upon how well they work, the personal air filter benefits both smokers, non smokers, and the tobacco industry as it can eliminate second-hand smoke (and greatly reduced the scent) and also allow you to be able to smoke more. But, does it work? I will now review the Smoke Buddy line of personal air filters.

    SmokeBuddy Brand

    Smoke Buddy, was founded in 2008 in Southern California, and they claim to be the first manufacturer of the “Truly” personal air filter. Truly can mean many things. So, I am not sure if they are the first. But, being in business in 2008 is impressive for this kind of niche product.

    Smoke Buddy’s goal was to make a top-of-the-line smoke filter that can give their customers the ability to smoke when they want, and what they want. The SmokeBuddy is touted as being able to help you either discreetly smoke or simply smoke weed without having to worry about the weed smell.  This product claims to eliminate pollutants, toxins, smoke, odors, and other smells caused by smoking.


    One way Smoke Buddy differentiates itself from their competition is their variety of stylish filters as they have every color you can think of ranging from basic black to exotic colors and you can even buy a wooden Smokebuddy. Additionally, the more adventurous can buy a Smoke Buddy with the following designs, tie-die, glow in the dark, and even a lava lamp. They also make a camouflage and even a grenade filter.

    Traditional Blue

    Smoke Buddy 0159-BLU Personal Air Filter, Blue
    Smoke Buddy 0159


    Tye Die Smoke Buddy

    Smoke Buddy Smokebuddy Original Tie Die Yellow/Orange Assorted Personal Air Filter




    smokebuddy 0159-CAMO Original Personal Air Filter, Camo


    Las Vegas


    Smoke Buddy Vegas Black/Red Assorted Personal Air Filter


    The Smoke Buddy Air Filter

    How Does Smoke Buddy Work?

    The Smoke Buddy’s air filter is made under HEPA standards and is HEPA certified.   HEPA, which stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air” is an indicator of quality. To meet the HEPA standards a filter must be able to catch 99.97% percent of all particles that are at least .3 microns. Cigarette and weed smoke has a size range from .3 to .5, microns which means that the Smoke Buddy air filter is very efficient and will get the job done. Also,  their HEPA filters are made of eco-friendly recycled plastic. (”PCR”)

    How Many Smoke Buddies Are There?

    Smoke buddy makes four models the Original Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter, Smoke Buddy Jr., Smoke Buddy Mega, and their newest one the Green ECO (Claimed to be extra environmentally friendly as it made from plant-based, plastic. ) All of them perform the same function with the only difference is the size and also how many uses before it has to be replaced. As an added bonus all models come with a lighted keychain and a travel cap for discreetness.

    The Original SmokeBuddy Personal Air Filter and Green Eco SmokeBuddy

    SmokeBuddy Original (Black)
    OG SmokeBuddy

    The Original is not only their first Smokebuddy product, it is also their best seller. The Green Eco is a newer version of the original. It is the same as the original Smoke Buddy. However, it is made of environmentally friendly, plant-based, plastic.


    • Size: 2.75” x 2.75” x 4”
    • Weight: 4.8 Ounces
    • Lifespan: At least 300 Puffs

    Smoke Buddy Jr. Review

    The Smokebuddy Jr. Is their compact model that is designed for you to take with you anywhere. (I.E. backpacks, coats, pockets, purse, etc.) The product dimensions are listed below:

    Size: 2.5” x 1” x 3.5”

    Weight: 2.4 ounces

    Lifespan: At Least 150 Puffs

    The SmokeBuddy Mega

    As you most likely guessed, is their largest model. It is the same as the other models, with the biggest exception being the number of estimated uses at two times the amount as the original Smoke Buddy.

    Below are the dimension of the Mega

    Size: 4” x 1.5” X 6”

    Weight: 5.8 Ounces

    Lifespan: At least 600 Puffs


    Pros and Cons of SmokeBuddies


    Customer Reviews-Numerous customers highly recommend the Smokebuddy personal air filter as it has nearly perfect ratings.

    Well-Built-Overall, users state that the Smoke Buddy lasts a very long time.

    Gets The Job Done– It does what is it designed to to do-hide smoke and also significantly reduces the odor caused by smoking.

    Scientifically Proven-The filter performs to the HEPA standards, which require an extremely high percentage of smoke particles to be filtered.


    Clogs Up-A few buyers mention that it tends to get clogged up frequently. The issue is such a problem that there are even Youtube videos, like the one below, that addressed this problem.

    • Effort-Requires a bit of technique and learn how to properly exhale and use this device correctly.
    • No Replacement Cartridge-You are unable to replace the cartridges, and can only buy a new device.
    • Vapor– A few poor reviews stated that it does not work well for vaping.
    • Some Smell-A few users complained that it does leave a bit of a smell, which can be a big problem for cannabis smokers who want to smoke discreetly.
    • Dies Prematurally– A trend among the few poor reviews was that it died out prematurely.

    Does The Smoke Buddy Work?

    The most important question concerning SmokeBuddy is if it gets the job done. That answer is yes, according to numerous customers who have highly recommend the SmokeBuddy and also the HEPA filter. As I stated, the Smokebuddy is highly praised for its ability to hide the smell and disguise smoke. Its HEPA certification, which I have explained earlier, means that its carbon filter is scientifically designed and proven to eliminate 99.97% of smoke particles.

    Smoke Buddy vs. Smoke Buddy Jr and Mega Smoke Buddy

    It can be a bit confusing knowing the differences between the Smoke Buddy, Smoke Buddy Jr., and the Mega Smoke buddy products. However, not taking into account a different color or style, they are essentially the same product. I.E., they all have the same filter, which means that they all help with hiding any odor that comes with smoking. Also, they are all disposable. So, when they are done, you just throw them away. The only difference between the three is the price, size, and number of uses.

    Prime Eligible

    Depending upon who you buy it from, this product is eligible for Amazon Prime, Shipping benefits.

    Final Thoughts

    Based upon the age of the Smoke Buddy brand, the quality HEPA carbon filter, and the overall effectiveness, I would recommend the SmokeBuddy for both the tobacco product user and also weed smokers.   Whether or not you are either smoking where weed is illegal or just want to be a good neighbor; this is an excellent smoking accessory to have.  The only issue concern I have is that it is said by some purchasers to leave off a slight smell. For the cigarette smoker, this is not a big concern. However, for weed smokers (for legal reasons) who need total discretion, this could be a big problem. But, under normal circumstances where you are just wanting to be considerate to your next-door neighbors, roommates, or family members, a SmokeBuddy is highly recommended. And the cannabis smoker should be okay as long they make sure to exercise common sense.


    Smoke Buddy Cleaning Guide

    The SmokeBuddy is designed to be disposable. As a result, you are unable to replace any filters. The only cleaning that you can do is to make it look better and a bit more sanitary. The following is an excellent guide on how to best clean your SmokeBuddy.

    Where To Buy Smoke Buddy?

    You have many options for buying this product.   Amazon is one choice. For more info, click the image below.

    Smoke Buddy 0159-RD Personal Air Filter, Red

    You can also order them directly from the supplier or your local smoke shop and even Walmart.

    Amazon is likely the cheapest option.   However, you will have more options if you go straight to the supplier.

    Smoke Buddy Alternatives

    There are several smoke buddy alternatives on the market. Two of the most popular are the Sploofy and the Smoke Trap.

    Eco-conscious will like the fact that both the Sploofy and the Smoke Trap are not throwaway products as you can refill each up by buying cartridges.

    The Sploofy is shown below

    Sploofy V3 - Personal Smoke Air filter - Replaceable Cartridge

    The SmokeTrap is also shown below.

    Smoke Trap 2.0 - Personal Air Filter (Sploof) - Smoke Filter With Replaceable Filter - 300+ Uses (Black)

    Also, you can try a DIY Sploof, which is made by stuffing a cardboard paper towel roll with dryer sheets.  The following is a video on how to make one.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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