Can You Smoke Weed And Still Go To Heaven?

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    Will I go to Hell For Smoking Weed?

    Many may feel that this question is silly. But, Christianity’s relationship to weed smoking is a popular subject that has not been deal with much. So, I felt that this article would be interesting and perhaps enlightening to a few readers.

    I am not a biblical scholar. However, his information is gathered from reputable, Christian, sources that are both for and against cannabis. So, please explore the varioius sources if you want to further investigate this subject.

    First of all, I will not answer the above question as I can not answer it. (If you are a Christian, only your God will TRULY KNOW the above answer) I will, however, give you information that will help you be able to make your own decision.

    Christianity-There are numerous religions that believe in heaven and hell. This post though only concerns itself with the Christian religion. Depending upon the reception here, I may do further posts on cannabis, other religions and spiritual practices like meditation.

    Cannabis and Christian Scripture

    Scripture and weed

    Most Christian scholars that are both for and against cannabis concede that the bible is silent when it comes to cannabis use. Therefore, pastors and other spiritual leaders when asked questions concerning weed and their religion have to evaluate and interpret closely related scripture.

    I will now evaluate the Christian perspective on the pros and cons of using cannabis.

    Pro Cannabis

    Weed Is Never Mentioned

    As I first started, in either the old or new testament, cannabis is never explicitly mentioned.  As a result, to answer the question of, “Can you smoke weed and still go to heaven?” pastors and other biblical experts must reference related scripture.

    For example, “Though Shall Not Kill” is straightforward. However, whether or not weed is allowed or prohibited is ambiguous and one scholar may have an entirely different answer from another bible expert.

    On the other hand, as cannabis is not mentioned in the bible, is quite plausible that any supposed interpretations disallowing cannabis use are entirely wrong.

    Controversy-On Weed Not Being Mention In Bible

    According to polish etymologist Sula Benet, cannabis appears in the original Hebrew bible five times, and cannabis was used religiously by Moses and the Israelites.

    An etymologist is someone who studies the origin and earliest known history of the use of words. An etymologist is not a biblical expert. However, they do study how words come about and the evolution of words. So, it is not out of bounds to believe that an etymologist who studies words would be able to discover references to cannabis.

    Moses is one of the most important figures in not only Christianity but also the Jewish religion. Therefore, if Moses actually smoked weed, it could indicate that the bible does not condone cannabis. It could even mean that the bible actually condones its use.

    Alcohol Is In the Bible

    wine is in the bible

    Alcohol, particularly wine is mentioned numerous times in the bible. For example:

    Wine has been given to gladden the hearts of man-(Psalm 104:14-15)

    And, of course, the widely known scripture where Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:1-11) indicates that wine use, for Christians, is perfectly fine.

    Wine, like cannabis, has psychoactive effects. So, according to the pro-cannabis be any different from wine.”

    Other Miscellaneous Pro-Weed Bible Verses

    “Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.”-Genesis 1:29

    Cannabis is a natural seeded plant. Therefore, according to Genesis 1:29, it could be interpreted that means that smoking weed is not a sin.


    As stated, there is not any scripture that explicitly prohibits Christians from smoking weed. However, there are biblical verses that relate to sloth and the duty to stay alert.


    Sloth is one of Christianity’s seven deadly sins. And the typical stoner has a reputation, of being a lazy couch potato. So, some theologians believe as getting stoned may make you lazy, weed smoking violates the sin of sloth.

    Staying Alert

    End Times


    But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33 Be on guard! Be alert[a]! You do not know when that time will come.-Mark 13:32-37

    I believe that Mark 13:32-37 concerns the apocalypse and Christ coming back. As such, Christians need to be kept alert to the signs of Armageddon.

    Drunkenness, being stoned, fits of paranoia, and being full of anxiety are felt by some cannabis users. All of these symptoms result in reduced alertness, which means that getting stoned could violate Mark 13:32-37.


    The bible explicitly mentions wine’s benefits and that wine is a gift from God. (Psalm 104:14, 15; Ecclesiastes 3:13; 9:7) However, the bible also explicitly mentions that drunkenness is a sin. (1 Timothy 3:8; Titus 2:2,3)

    Since weed has psychoactive effects; It is not a stretch to believe that cannabis would fall under the Christian edict against intoxication.

    Why Is Intoxication A Sin in The Christian Religion?

    Along with the Christian duty to be alert, there are several other reasons why intoxication is considered a sin, which is listed below.

    Duty To Use Reason

    Under Romans 12:1., Christians have a duty to use their God-given power of reason. It can be legitimately argued that getting drunk or stoned will negatively affect one’s reasoning ability. So, any use of intoxicants could violate Romans 12:1.

    Loss Of Inhibitions

    Another reason for not being under the influence of any substance is that inhibitions are likely lessened when you are either drunk or stoned. (Personally, I only know of this happening when I am drunk)

    When inhibitions are removed or reduced the power of reason is also diminished, (Hosea 4:11; Ephesians 5:18.), and being drunk or stoned can lead to many sinful acts like sexual immorality.

    Gateway Drug Theory

    Some cannabis opponents also believe in the gateway drug theory that states that weed can lead to harder drug use. Harder drug use eventually will lead to addiction. And addiction to illegal drugs and legal drugs leads to abusing God’s temple.

    Is Wine Being Mentioned In The Bible Proof That Cannabis Use is Okay For Christians?

    Obviously, wine and cannabis will get you drunk and stoned. Bible verses that wine is considered a gift from God. So, wouldn’t it be logical to assume that weed, like wine, would also be allowed?

    According to a few biblical scholars, there is a difference though in that you can drink wine without being intoxicated. However, with weed, no matter how little you smoke or how low the THC strain percentage is your mental state is going to be affected to some degree.

    Exceptions to Christianities Cannabis Prohibitions

    There are a few potential exceptions to cannabis’s prohibition for Christians. Some of which are the following:

    • Is cannabis legal where you live?
    • Is your weed smoking for recreational or medical use?

    Does It Matter If Weed Is Legal Or Not?

    As stated, there is not any scripture explicitly prohibiting Christians from smoking cannabis. However, per the Christian religion, you should follow the laws of your government. This means that illegal drugs, like cannabis, maybe against God’s word.

    Chrisitan theology requires its followers to obey the laws that the government imposes on us. The reason is that it is God’s will that a politician was elected and also God’s will to remove a politician. Therefore, politicians are an agent of God and the laws that they enact are the Lord’s will.

    My Thoughts

    The main question that I have for the above concerning a Christian duty to follow the law is “Are all governmental laws required to be followed?”

    Would this include immoral laws or just laws that are supported by the Christian religion? For example, would abolitionists in the 19th century be considered sinners? And wouldn’t Christians required to obey the US government laws on abortion, and other items that are explicitly against the Christian religion?

    US States Cannabis legalization

    Cannabis is becoming mainstream and increasingly legal throughout many states in the US. As a result, it can be argued, that God’s reasons for Christians to not smoke weed is now moot.

    A counter to this argument would be that since weed is still illegal federally, and that federal law overrules state law, based upon legal grounds, you should still not smoke pot.

    What About Medical Cannabis

    Most of the medical community has accepted that cannabis does serve some medical purpose. So, assuming that getting intoxicated is a sin, what does that say about the medical use of cannabis?

    According to one scholar, it is okay to use weed for medical purposes on a limited basis. That basis is for chronic, life-ending diseases like cancer, Aids, etc. Or for dealing with chronic pain toward the end of your life. They compare the use of cannabis to opioids being used for end-of-life care.

    However, at least this one individual states that cannabis should not be used for minor conditions like irritable Bowel Syndrome or other non-life threatening afflictions.

    What About CBD Oil, Hemp, Etc.

    I was unable to find any information concerning the Christian religion’s view on hemp, CBD, and other similar substances. However, based upon the above scriptures, it would not be a brash assumption, that as long as weed and hemp are legal where you live, it would be perfectly fine for you to use either.

    Final Thoughts

    I hope this article was worthwhile, for those who were either curious or wondering about the Christian perspective concerning weed. If you have any further questions ask away and I will attempt to answer back. Also, for excellent resources be sure to check out some of the links.


    Was The Burning Bush Weed?

    The burning bush comes from the book of Exodus where it is located on Mount Horeb. According to Christian scripture, the bush is where Gold told Moses to guide the Israelites out of Egypt into the promised land.

    The burning bush is thought by some to be cannabis. However, I was unable to find any scholars or even blogs addressing this theory. The only thing that I could find were individuals on Internet forums answering this question.



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