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Id of Stoner Steve Meme Guy AKA Really High Guy

Really High Guy

Who is The Stoner Steve Meme Guy AKA Really High Guy Meme

The Stoner Guy Meme (AKA Stoner Stanley

The Stoner Steve meme guy is also known by many names, like Stoner Stanley, Stoner Guy Meme. Stoner Steve is a picture of a young man, (“white guy”) with, sweat-filled face, bloodshot, and wandering eyes who has been enjoying weed. He looks as if he could be the son of the “The Dude.” And guess, what? Through the magic of the internet and a caption, the Really High Guy, at that moment, became a viral sensation. He says stereotypical stoner stuff. Like, mispronounce words, and says other stuff that potheads are supposed to say! Like most memes, it’s silly. Really high guy is simply a funny meme to share with your friends on social media.

Like all memes, and online quizzes some are good, and some are bad in a good way, and some just plant bad. But the Really High Guy should be appreciated as he is arguably the granddad of weed memes and is an old school character to remember.


In 2011, Stoner Stanley showed up on Reddit and then became a viral meme as it soon found its way around various social media channels. I.E. Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. Surprisingly, the name of the person on this popular meme is unknown. So, whoever he is, he has been unable to capitalize on his Internet fame, which meant he lost out on all of his followers and other associated perks of having your photo be shared across the world wide web. Perhaps he could have been given a contract for a Netflix Show? We’ll never know as he never capitalized on his Internet fame.

He instantly became a hit and was even so popular that Stanley became subject to spin-offs. Some of which was a dog, a Koala bear, and even his face was PhotoShopped on Keanu Reeves.

Really High Guy  Meme In Action

Really High Guy

And an excellent example of Stoner Philosophy.

I’ll admit that this one was dumb. But, I thought it was funny.

My first attempt at “Really High Guy”, I don’t need your damned douche points. Move along.

Some more thoughts to ponder. . .

And another one where he mispronounces words… Because he is stoned!

Written by ganjashark

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