2021 Update-Id of Really High Guy Meme Revealed

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    Who is The Stoner Steve (“Stanley”) Meme Guy AKA Really High Guy Meme

    The Stoner Guy Meme (AKA Stoner Stanley)

    The Stoner Stanley meme guy is known by many names, like Stoner Stanley, Stoner Steve or Steve The Stoner, Really High Guy, Steve the Stoner, Funny High Guy, and tons of other names.

    The meme itself, like most, has quite a few names also, some of which are, Stoner Guy Meme, Super High Guy Meme, Really Stoned Guy Meme, Stoner Steve Meme, Stoner Dude Meme, Stoner Guy Meme, 10 Guy Meme, Really Stoned Guy, and Stoned Face Meme.

    Stoner Steve is a photo of a young man, (“white guy”), Quentin Tarantino doppelganger, with, sweat-filled face, bloodshot, and wandering eyes, who seems to be stoned out of his mind.

    To prevent confusion, this meme will be called High Guy Meme and the subject of the meme will be called Really High Guy or simply High Guy.

    Through the magic of the internet and a caption, the Really High Guy, at that moment, became a viral sensation. He says stereotypical stoner stuff. Like, mispronounce words, and says other stuff that potheads are supposed to say! Like most memes, it’s silly. High Guy is simply a funny meme to share with your friends on social media.

    Fire up the afterburgers

    Like all memes, and online quizzes some are good, and some are bad in a good way, and some are just plain bad. But the Really High Guy should be appreciated as he is arguably the granddad of stoner memes and, like Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Bad Luck Brian, Success Kid, he became immortal in Internet memedom.


    In 2011, the Really High Guy showed up on Reddit. Specifically, the picture showed up on the cannabis lovers, subreddit r/trees with the caption “Being at a [10] is not always pretty.” This meme soon became a viral sensation as it found its way around various social media channels. I.E. Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

    He instantly became a hit and the Really High Guy soon became the subject of knock-off memes. Some of which were “Doge”, a Koala Bear, and even his face was PhotoShopped on Keanu Reeves.

    Who Is The High Guy?

    At the time that this original article was written, the High Guy remained anonymous for ten years. During that ten years, he didn’t capitalize on his Internet fame and lost out n followers and other associated perks of having your photo be shared across the world wide web.

    May 06, 2021- High Guy Reveals Himself

    On May 06, 2021, and another video a few weeks after, the High revealed himself, on his dedicated Youtube Channel, as, 28 year old, Connor Sinclair, who was from Northern Ireland and he now lives in England.

    His first video received 65,000 views and a few comments that mostly praised the meme. Some of the better comments were related to the following below:

    “(H)e returned when the world needed him most”-Dustin McGladrey

    Is He a Stoner?

    Connor on his second video never dealares whether or not he was stonded or if he is a stoner. If I were a betting man, I woudl say he was though as his picture was placed on the famour or infamous subreddit r/trees, on Reddit.

    What’s That Photo All About

    According to Connor, the picture was taken when was on his vacation, as an adult, in Ibiza, Spain, when he was 18. He mentions the reason for his face being flushed was that he was overheated from a hotel room that did not have any air conditioning.

    Why Now?

    In his second video, Connor stated that there were two reasons for him revealing himself now:

    • Money-After seeing Bad Luck Brian and Overly Attached Girlfriend make thousands, he decided he would try to capitalize on his internet fame. This is understandable as the Brian meme sold his crypto art for $36,0000, and the Overly Attached Girlfriend sold her digital likeness for over $400,000.
    • Prevent Misinformation-Connor wanted to prevent any imposters from stealing his likeness.

    What’s Next For Connor Sinclair, AKA Really High Guy

    Sinclair was honest that the reason that he revealed himself was mainly money. And there is nothing wrong with that! However, at least on Youtube, he is slacking as he only has two videos and his second video only has around 650 views. On Instagram, he only has 722 followers, and he has only 764 followers on Twitter.

    In June 2021, he stated that he was ready to sell his NTF.

    I could not find any information on the results of his NTF sale. Afterward, there wasn’t any action on his Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram social media accounts. So, I would assume it did not go well. Or, he made millions of dollars, retired, moved to the Netherlands, and enjoyed life. Perhaps, he is just not motivated to capitalize on his Internet fame. If that’s so, way to perpetuate the lazy stoner stereotype, dude!

    The Really High Guy will live on though through internet fame as the Granddaddy of stoner memes. You got to respect him for that. Or do what you want, I don’t care.

    High Guy In Action

    Here, are a few select Stoner Steve memes.

    Prepare for takeoff

    And this one, that is a good example of stoner philosophy.

    Stoner Philosophy


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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