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Who is Stoner Steve Meme Guy AKA Stoner Stanley

Really High Guy

The Stoner Steve meme guy is also known by a few other names, like Stoner Stanley and the High Guy Meme. Stoner Steve is characterized as a young guy with, sweat-filled face, with bloodshot and wandering eyes. And guess, what? Via meme, he says stereotypical stoner stuff. Like, mispronounce words, and other stuff that potheads are supposed to do! 

Like all memes, some are good, and some are bad in a good way, and some just plant bad. But the Really High Guy should be appreciated as he is arguably the granddad of Weed memes. 


In 2011, Stoner Stanley came to be on Reddit. Surprisingly, his name is not known. He instantly became a hit and was even so popular that Stanley became subject to spin-offs. Some of which was a dog, a Koala bear, and even his face was PhotoShopped on Keanu Reeves.  

From Imgur

So know that you know all about this meme, take a look at a few examples of the Granddaddy of Stoner Memes!

Really High Guy


Stoner Philosophy

Really High Guy



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