Why You Might Want To Consider Taking a Shower While High

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    And Why You Might NOT Want To Consider Showering While High

    Just like with anything in life doing the same, old thing every day can get quite tiring. This includes getting high and watching TV, playing video games, etc., or trying new stoner accessories, like a weed gas mask. If that is your situation, you might want to try taking a shower while high.

    What You Can Expect

    This article will explain the pros and cons of showering while high and, in the appendix, I will examine the rare but serious Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

    What Can Happen if You Take a Shower While Stoned

    As you might have guessed there isn’t a lot of info on this subject. This isn’t a surprise as I would imagine it could be quite hard for a scientist or University to get a grant on “The Physical and Mental Effects Of Showering While Under The Influence of THC”. As a result, the only info I could find was from individuals on forums or small blurbs on websites that listed different things to try while you are baked. So, the information gathered here is based upon either someone’s unverified opinion or scientific studies done on the effects of both a cold and hot shower.

    The two views on showering and marijuana use are the extreme opposites of a shower either killing your high or making your high better. Each will be looked at below.

    It Will Kill Your High

    Depending upon your situation, killing your high, may or may not be a good thing. For example, if you get called into work, by surprise, you’ll likely want to be sober up a bit. On the other hand, if you are on vacation, and not a care in the world, you’ll likely want the THC to last as long and be as enjoyable as possible.

    Does A Shower Kill Your High?

    A hot or cold shower will not make you less stoned or sweat out your THC. A cold shower can however give you a spark that will get you motived, and alter enough to complete certain tasks. This alertness effect is most noticeable with a cold shower. Specifically, a cold shower does the following that may help your feel more alert and in focus.

    • Body Circulation-Cold water hitting your skin helps increase your body circulation.
    • Increased Heart Rate-An increased heart rate equals more oxygen intake, which can wake you up.

    Bonus, cold temperature shower or bath can also help with a skin condition, like eczema, counteract muscle soreness, and many other positive health benefits.

    Best Practices For A Cold, Sobering Shower

    If you need to get “Un-high.”, you might want to consider taking a modified Navy Shower.

    What is The Navy Shower?

    A Navy Shower is used on underway (AKA “At Sea”) ships as a means to preserve water. With this shower, you turn the shower head-on, get yourself wet, apply soap, and then turn the water on again and rinse the soap out.

    Here, you would do the same thing except that you should only shower with cold water, (water should be at around 40 degrees) at around a minute or a minute and a half.

    What does A Navy Shower Do?

    The short burst of cold water promotes deep breathing, which in turn, accelerates your O2 levels, increases cardiac activity, lowers your blood pressure, and aids circulation. All of these may help you feel more alter and motivated.

    Does An Awake Stoner Equal an Awaked Drunk?-In my younger days, in Las Vegas, I worked in nightclub security as a bouncer. The state of Nevada requires all night club and hospitality workers to attend an alcohol awareness class and also pass a test. The pamphlet to study for this test mentioned that time is the only way to sober someone up. And a cold shower or hot coffee will only result in making a drunk more awake. From what I read, this is pretty much the same thing that occurs when, in hopes of coming down from your high, you take a quick shower.

    Does Showering While Stoned Make For A Better High?

    There are a few quite a few articles, which list the best things to do while high. Many of these articles advise taking a shower while high. Most of these articles though are non-scientific and based upon someone’s opinion.

    Also, several forums address the question of what you should expect while taking a cold or hot shower while stoned. Again, these views are non-scientific. They do though indicate though what you might experience if you decide to try showering while high experiment.

    For example, while high and showering, your sensory perception is enhanced, and you might notice every water drop from the showerhead hitting your body.

    Final Thoughts

    The experiment of taking a shower while high isn’t rocket science. So, if you are interested give it a try a few times and see how you like it. You just need to remember that, for optimum results, the correct water temperature is the key. I.E., Warm water is preferred when you want to enhance your high, and when you need to sober up, try cold water, quick shower.


    The Strange Case Of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (“CHS”)

    Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (When A Hot Shower Will Help)

    CHS is a rare condition when heavy and long-term weed smokers are subject to severe, uncontrolled, vomiting.

    Heavy smokers are defined as someone who smokes at least 20 times a month.

    The severity of this problem can range from chronic nausea and other annoying; but, not debilitating gastrointestinal issues. On the severe end, you might suffer uncontrolled vomiting that can only be temporarily controlled by taking a warm shower. The only cure for this condition is for your to stop smoking weed.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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