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Fox Farm Tiger Bloom Nutrients Review


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    Fox Farm’s Fertilizer Trio Review

    FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom (Pack of 3-16 oz Bottles) 1 Pint Each + Twin Canaries Chart

    Fox Farm Fertilizer sells multiple products that address all spectrums in the plant growth stage. This article will be review Tiger Bloom’s 3 pack, which contains the following Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom.

    On paper, this group of three products includes everything a beginner and experienced grower will need. However, just because it seems like a good deal, does it make it a good deal.   I will investigate this popular fertilizer and tell you if you should purchase it or try something else.


    • Included: Pack of Three, 16-ounce Bottles, One of Each and a Feeding Chart)
    • Use: Hydroponic and Soil Applications

    What’s All Included

    Grow Big Liquid Plant Food (Soil Formula)-Designed for helping with the veg growth stage by allowing your cannabis plant to reach its full growth potential, which includes bud development.

    Fox Farm 6-4-4, 1-Pint FX14092 Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer, Soil NPK 6-4

    Big Bloom-Useful for all growing stages. It is designed to repair roots and help you cannabis plants process nutrients. Some of the most common active ingredients are bad guano and earthworm castings.

    Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer, 1-Pint

    Tiger Bloom Liquid Fertilizer ( Main Ingredients Are Phosphorus-8% and Nitrogen-2%)-Use Tiger Bloom Liquid fertilizer at the first sign of flowering or when bud development occurs. As the name implies, it gives your flowering plants a boost by supplying vital nutrients early to your cannabis plants. Use this for optimum bud development. Also, Tiger Bloom is specifically manufactured to have a low PH to maintain stability in storage, and keep micronutrients active.

    Ingredients List

    FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Buster and their other fertilizer types contain natural ingredients, some of which are listed below.

    • Calcium Nitrate
    • Magnesium Nitrate
    • Ammonium Nitrate
    • Earthworm Castings
    • Potassium Nitrate
    • Potassium Phosphate
    • Disodium Ethylenediamine Tetra Acetate
    • Copper EDTA
    • Bat Dung-(Natural Source of Phosphorus Fertilizer
    • Chelating Agent
    • Miscellaneous Trace Minerals


    If The trio of Tiger Bloom Fertilizer has everything you would need with it including fertilizer for all of the plant growing stages. However, Tiger Bloom and other Fox Farm fertilizers have to work well and not just look good on paper. So, does it work? Find out this and more with the following review.

    PROS and CONS


    • Ratings-Has a nearly five-star rating with nearly 1,700 ratings on Amazon.
    • Good For Beginners-This three-pack of fertilizer provides everything a veteran and beginning grower will need for both vegging and bloom.
    • Easy Application-Tiger Bloom is easy to use as all you have to do is follow instructions by adding the listed amount per gallon of water.


    Only one product, Big Bloom, is certified organic, which may not matter to some growers. However, this fertilizer trio, bundle, will not work if you won’t have all of your plants use certified organic fertilizer.

    Final Thoughts

    Based on its reviews, you cannot go wrong with this the Tiger Bloom, Bloom Buster, and Grow Big trio.  It has everything you will need to grow cannabis or whatever you are wanting to grow.   Also, based upon reviews, this product is top-notch. I.E.  Upon looking at the over 1.600 reviews, I only saw one review stating that Fox Farm and Tiger Bloom didn’t work. All of the rest of the complaints and poor reviews were for a missing growth chart that wasn’t sent during shipping. I am not exaggerating, this is among the best reviews I have seen for any product.

    FINAL RECOMMENDATION-Provided that you don’t mind that only the Big Bloom is certified organic, I would recommend this package to both beginners and growers who desire natural PK boosters. To get all the fertilizer that you will likely need all you need to do is purchase this and you will be set.

    Related Products (Natural)

    Earthworm Casting-provide essential microorganisms, trace minerals, etc.

    Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder, 30-pounds


    Bat Guano- Is a natural PK booster.

    Dr. Earth 726 Premium Organic and Natural Bat Guano with Trubiotic, 7-3-1,Multi,1.5 lb


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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