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TKO Edibles Review


TKO Edibles Review-Established 2011

TKO Edibles is located in Long Beach, California, and can be purchased in-store at one of their 97 distributors in California. However, according to their website, they do offer delivery to Nevada. TKO is also a veteran (for the Cannabis industry) as they were established in 2011. They pride themselves on selling a product that has consistent quality, which also includes consistent potency.

Cannabis Bakery

According to their website, TKO could realistically be called a bakery as they specialize in a wide variety of baked good cannabis edibles.

TKO does sell chocolate. But, they do not sell cannabis-infused gummy candies, drinks, etc.

They also sell Vapes. However, this guide will only focus on their edibles.


Pot Brownies-At least in Las Vegas, “Pot Brownies” are surprisingly hard to find.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised to hear that TKO offers two varieties of brownies.

Sample Offerings

TKO offers the following products, which are classified in the following categories:

  • Mini Krispies– As you likely figured out, these are rice crispy edibles. They even offer Churro rice crispy edibles.
  • Mini Cookies-Four types of min-cookies are offered mimosa, apple pie, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle.
  • Mini brownies– Surprisingly, I have yet to see “Pot Brownies” for sale in any of the Nevada dispensaries. So, it is a pleasant surprise to see they bake the classic and chocolate peanut butter brownies.


Prices range from $20  to $22 in Los Angelas.

Price Per Serving

All of the baked goods and products they sell are listed as having ten servings at a suggested 10 mg per serving, which means the cost per serving is between $2.00 to $2.20.


Portion control is essential to help ensure you enjoy your experience with edibles. So, I recommend that you purchase easy to portion products like gummies or other easily portioned goods for newbies. The easiest to portion for TKO edibles are the Krispies and mini-cookies that come in ten portioned servings.


As their products are limited to California, TKO has very few reviews, for any of their goods, on Weedmaps or elsewhere. However, based upon them being in business since 2011 and 97 distributors, it would not be a stretch to assume that they offer at least above-average edibles.


Have you tried any of their edibles? If so, tell me what you think?



Written by ganjashark

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