The Ultimate Trim Reaper Review

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    Trim Reaper Review-(Electronic Bud Leaf Trimmer)

    The Risentek, Trim Reaper Trimming Machine (“Trim Reaper”), Model-XLE s a commercial, grade, bud leaf trimmer that is sold on Amazon.

    What I found that was especially surprising about the Trim Reaper is that, for a specialty item, It has a surprisingly large number of reviews and it has overall quite high product ratings.

    So, is this trim machine a good purchase? Or should you look elsewhere? Read more to find out.


    Risentek Electric, Trim Reaper, Bud Leaf Trimmer
          Trim Reaper

    Risentek Company

    The only thing that I can find out about Risentek is that, which is not surprising, it that they are a Chinese company. Like a few, Chinese companies, I was unable to find any website for Risentek. So, you will have to contact their distributor Next Garden, if you need help

    As for products, Risentek sells only one other bud trimmer than their Trim Reaper, which is their Model X.


    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 16 “
    • Weight: 31 Lb.
    • Material: 202 Stainless Steel Body and Blade,
    • Uses: Wet and Dry Buds
    • Prime Eligible: Yes
    • Warranty: No Warranty Listed On Amazon

    Varied Price Ranges For Electric Bud Trimmers

    The price ranges for an electric trimmer for weed vary considerably. For example, Twister T4 trimmer costs over $5,000, and, at least on Amazon, there is only one other automatic bud trimmer that costs between $1,000 to $1,500, and a few are a bit under $4,000. Also, you can buy, home-use bud trimmers for less than $150.



    • Highly Rated-50+ reviews and an overall high rating, which is quite impressive as the Trim Reaper is a specialty, commercial, item.
    • Versatile-Works for both wet and dry bulbs.
    • Great Deal-One reviewer noted that this product, which costs less than $800 does the job of a $1,500+ electric timmer for weed.
    • Easy To Use-Reviews noted that cannabis, with little effort, makes it though to the bud collector bag.
    • Fast-A reviewer (MMJ, Home User) said that they were able to trim a five-pound bucket of buds in less than 20 minutes. Per the reviewer, hand trimming would have taken him around three to four hours.


    • Missing a Pollen/Kief Catcher-
    • Trimmer Bag-
    • No Extra Blades-Not a bid deal; but extra blades (cost less than $30) should be included.
    • Limited Inventory-The Trip Reaper is regularly sold on Amazon. However, they sell out fast and at the time of this review, they only have 17 reviews.
    • Weak Motor-A few reviews complained about the motor is weak and that Trim Reaper is not suitable for heavy commercial use.
    • Works Better For Dry Cut-A few people stated that this works best for dry weed. (Review though was a four-star) Even positive reviews stated that the buds should be dried before it is used.
    • Bag Trimmer- The only negative trend that I found, was that many felt that the trim bud collector bag could need improvement.

    Final Thoughts

    Based on its ratings, Trim Reaper is an excellent product. The only problem that I saw for the very poor reviews was an occasional faulty product and shipping issues. First of all, I doubt it would be rated highly if the Trim Reaper’s overall quality was sub-par. And, assuming problems did happen in shipping, Amazon ships it; so, the broken product received from shipping is not Risentek’s fault.

    I did though find a few reviewers, who stated that they ran commercial operations, complaining about the speed for the Trim Reaper. However, non-commercial users praised the efficiency and overall performance of the Trim reaper. As a result of the rating difference between commercial vs. non or small-time commercial operations use, I feel the Trim reaper is an excellent choice for a smaller commercial cannabis grower. But, the Trim reaper is likely overkill for the average home user. So, I would recommend that the home, power, marijuana grower, take a look at this model from Risentek that costs around $300 less than the Trim Reaper.

    Risentek Bud Leaf Trimmer
     Model X


    Warranty Concern

    I do have a concern that I cannot find anything considering whether or not Risentek has a warranty for their products. The listing tells you to go to the manufacturers’ web page. However, They most likely do and It would not be a foolish assumption thinking their trimmers are under warranty. But, assumptions can get you in trouble.

    I would though feel somewhat confident that, if you get a bad product, you will be helped, because the seller, Next Gardner seemed concerned when they say a complaint. Also, Next Gardner, has an overall, 94% satisfaction rate.


    For another commercial-grade bud leaf trimmer, check out the Trim Pro Trimmer.



    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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    Learn how to grow weed indoors or outdoors fast with Ryan Riley's acclaimed - THE BUD BIBLE.