Ultimate Trimpro Rotor Reviews

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Trimpro Rotor, Bud Trimmer, With Workstation

The Trimpro Rotor with Workstation is a mid-price, Canadian made, professional bud leaf trimmer that costs over $1,000. Trimpro’s first trimming machine was the Automatik, which was released in 2006. Soon after, Trimpro designed and distributed the XL model, which, as the name implies, was able to process more buds and also had a more powerful motor. In 2010, the new Trimpro Rotor was introduced, which is the bud trimmer that I am currently reviewing.

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    Trimpro, Rotor differed from their previous product as it comes with two sets of “leather fingers” that gently move plants over a grate for processing. The leather is designed to be more gentle with your product when moving the flowers around. (Rubber fingers are also included with your purchase)

    As commercial bud trimmers are a niche or specialty product, the Trim Pro Rotor only has ten reviews. As a result of the small number of reviews, It will be impossible for me to discover any trends. However, with what I can find, I will give you the best evaluation on whether or not Trimpro trimmers are a good buy. This trimmer is made for professionals. And, for professional trimming machines, the Trimpro Rotor is quite reasonably priced.  However, it is still expensive.  So, continue reading if you want to find out whether or not it is a good buy.

    Trimpro Rotor Review

    Trimpro Rotor with Workstation
    Trimpro Rotor Bud Leaf Trimmer With Workstation

    What Do You Look For In A Bud Trimmer?

    There are two primary features that you need to look for when purchasing a bud trimmer:

    • Does the timmer removal, unneeded twigs, leaves, etc., without damaging cannabis buds or flowers?
    • How quickly does the trimmer get the job done?

    Based on those two questions and what you can afford, you should then make an educated decision on what brand of bud trimmer that you should purchase.

    Trimpro Trimmer Product Specifications

    • Weight-30 Pounds
    • Frame Material-Aluminum
    • Grate Material- Steel
    • Blades-Tempered steel razor sharp blades
    • Warranty- One year warranty that only applies to defective products.


    • Overall Design-The overall design of the Trimpro Rotor is impressive. One example of this is how the grate has a slight angle to it that results in the flowers to roll out quickly. This feature doesn’t require you to turn the trimmer off, which can save the time and inconvenience of having to stop the trimmer, clean, etc., every time you want to start a new batch.
    • Blade Design-The blade height can be adjusted easily by simply loosening a few screws.
    • Convenience- The steel blades on the Trimpro are designed so that they can be easily sharpened.
    • Extras-The Trimpro has extras that are unheard of for a trimmer at this price. For example, they include two fingers (leather and rubber) that work to roll the flowers. The leather fingers are new for Trimpro. So, if someone prefers the rubber finger, they can use the rubber finger instead of the leather.
    • Uses-The Trimpro rotor works well for smaller and wet buds, which makes for an excellent product.
    • Trimpro Company-They is in a pioneer in the world of automatic bud trimmers as their first trimmer was released in 2006. For 14 years they have been forced to compete with low-priced, Chinese, bud-trimmers, which indicates that they were able to attract customers by making a quality product and not by a low price.
    • Built-In North America-I am not making any judgments pro or con concerning Chinese manufacturing. However, especially for commercial operation in the US, getting a replacement or machine parts, ASAP, is essential. Trimpro is a Canadian company that makes its trimmer in Canada. As a result, Trimpro can likely get replacement trimming machines to you quicker than the typical Chinese or overseas company.
    • Speed- Even the poor reviews were impressed with the Trim Pro trimmers output.


    • Warranty-One year for a professional and costly product is too short.
    • Mystery-This trimmer had a very small number of ratings, which isn’t their fault. However, because of the lack of review, it is hard to detect any positive or negative trends concerning the quality and overall performance of this trimming machine.
    • Output-A few, one-star, ratings mentioned that the Trimpro lowered the overall quality of cannabis buds. Specifically, the complaint was that it killed the smell and look of cannabis when it is used.


    The majority of Amazon reviews are five stars. However, Trimpro also has a sizeable amount of one-star ratings. Because of this, it is quite hard to pinpoint any trends (positive or negative) concerning the overall quality of the TrimPro rotor bud trimmer. Also, I was unable to find out any unbiased sources concerning the Trimpro Rotor away from Amazon.

    Typically, as the Trimpro is an expensive product designed for commercial use, I would not recommend purchasing it because of the lack of reviews. However, based upon the Trimpro company, I feel that you can be confident that the Trimpro Rotor is a well-made trimmer and that (For US and North American customers), you will receive excellent support.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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