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VenTech Fan Review-Should You Get It?

Is the Discount VenTech  Inline DuctFan Worth Buying?

A quality inline duct fan system is under-appreciated for a grow room, and all duct fans tend to look the same. So, it can be hard to choose the correct one. You’ll be in trouble if you skimp on quality when buying a fan. As a result, I felt it was essential to include this review of the VenTech fan.    

VenTech Duct Fan

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Product Specs

  • Availability Date: 2012
  • Air Flow: 420 Cubic Feet Per Minute (“CFM”)
  • Dimensions: 9.2″ X 8.3″ x7.8″
  • Weight: 3.4 Lbs
  • Material: Steel
  • included: 1 Fan

Pros and Cons


  • Reviews: Over 300 overall positive reviews
  • Sturdy: For example, metal fan blades instead of plastic fan blades
  • Lasts: Many positive reviews mention that the VenTech fan is a workhorse that lasted for several years. 
  • Price: Very cheap for an 8″ duct fan


  • Suitable For Grow Room? Like their carbon filter, VenTech specifically states that this fan should not be used in enclosed spaces. (I feel this is likely just disclaimer CYA and I would not be overly worried about this)
  • Warranty is Useless?: A poor review complained that you have to ship back the fan to the supplier for warranty and shipping cost more than the fan
  • Fan is Loud
  • One Star Reviews: Overall, VenTech’s inline duct fan does have some excellent reviews. However, they do have a high percentage of one-star reviews. 
  • Quality Issues: A sizeable number of one-star reviews mentioned that this prematurely stopped working. 


The reviews for the Ventech Incline duct fan are very contradictory. As a result, I cannot give you a definite yes or no for this fan. For example, many complaints stated that this fan was very loud. However, some 5-star reviews raved about this fan being quiet. Also, as I said before, most one and two-star ratings were for this fan not lasting. However, a sizeable amount of top reviews stated that their fan has lasted for years, with it being on 24-7, in their growing area. As a result of these mixed reviews, I would not recommend buying this fan. 

Overall Recommendation

Pass on this inline duct fan as there are simply too many contradictory positive and negative reviews that it is impossible to make an educated opinion.

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VenTech DF8 8" Duct Fan 400 CFM


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