VenTech Fan Review-Should You Get It?

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    Ventech Fan

    Is the Discount VenTech  Inline DuctFan Worth Buying?

    The Ventech fan markets itself as being an all-purpose duct fan that is suitable for various environments such as hospital rooms, indoor growing rooms, commercial cooling, etc. Ventech brags that their 8 inch inline fan features the following: superior aerodynamic body and steel construction with powder-coated baked paint for stability and maximum efficiency.

    That sounds impressive. But, it’s the company description of their inline, duct fan and not an independent reviewer. So, at first glance, as with all advertisements or listings, their product description is suspect.

    Before I get to my review, I would like to do a short overview of why exhaust fans and proper air flow is so important.

    Why Are Exhaust Fans So Important?

    VenTech DF8 8" Duct Fan 400 CFM


    As it is doubtful that your grow room or grow tent is located in the perfect environment, a proper ventilation system is essential. An inline, duct fan is a mandatory piece of equipment that is necessary for all growing areas. An exhaust fan accomplishes the following:

    • Humidity Control-A quality inline duct fan will help you keep humidity at the optimum levels. Sub-par humidity control can lead to poor growing conditions.
    • Controls Room Temperature-A a few degrees can make a world of difference when it comes to growing cannabis. A quality exhaust fan will be able to shave off 10 degrees or more in your room.
    • CO2 Control-Combined with a quality CO2 cartridge; a quality inline exhaust fan will make sure a fresh and adequate supply of Co2 is cycled through your grow tent.
    • Pest and Plant Disease Prevention-Superior air flow in a growing area prevents both pests and also plant fungus and diseases.

    Ventech Corporate

    Ventech is somewhat of a mystery. I was unable to find their company website by Google search and was only able to potentially find their website via their Facebook page. Surprisingly, they also do not have a brand page on Amazon. The website that I did find is likely Ventech. However, I do have a few doubts as I could not find the fan that I was reviewing on  Ventech’s site.

    I discovered that Ventech is located in Pradesh, India, and is most likely a wholesaler that does not sell to the direct public. This is evident by their About Us section that states that they were founded in 1996 for the industrial market. Unlike many overseas companies, they do not list any European or North American or a United States Customer service contact. Ventech does offer a wide array of items that are all related to ventilation

    Is Ventech a hidden gem that is the perfect addition to your grow room or grow tent? Find out with this review.

    Click Image To See This  Listing

     VenTech 8 Inch Inline Fan Review

    VenTech DF8 8" Duct Fan 400 CFM

    Product Specs

    Ventech’s eight-inch inline, exhaust blower fan features the following:

    • Availability Date: 2012
    • Air Flow: 420 Cubic Feet Per Minute (“CFM”)
    • Dimensions: 9.2″ X 8.3″ x7.8″
    • Weight: 3.4 Lbs
    • Material: Steel
    • included: 1 Fan

    Pros and Cons


    • Reviews: Nearly 400 with very high ratings.
    • Sturdy: For example, metal fan blades instead of plastic ones.
    • Lasts: Ventech, eight-inch inline-duct fan is a workhorse that you can expect to last for several years.
    • Price: Very cheap for an 8-inch exhaust fan
    • Free Shipping And Next Day Delivery- This is somewhat surprising as they are an Indian company.


    • Suitable For Grow Room- VenTech specifically states that this fan should not be used in enclosed spaces. (I feel this is likely just disclaimer CYA and I would not be overly worried about this)
    • Warranty Suspect: A poor review complained that you have to ship back the fan to the supplier for warranty and shipping cost more than the fan
    • Loud Fan-Contradictory opinions concerning whether or not the exhaust fan is loud.
    • Quality- A sizable number of one-star ratings mentioned that this prematurely stopped working.
    • No United States Customer Service: It is concerning that they do not have a Unites States customer service contact.
    • Bare Bones-Ventech does not offer any package deals. I.E. You have to purchase separately a fan speed controller.

    Fan Speed Controller

    Ventech PTZ Controller Joystick LCD Security (Pan Tilt Zoom) Speed Dome Camera 3D,Keyboard to Control All Functions,Up to 128 Speed Dome Cameras,3500 Feet Maximum Distance Communication


    Many users mention that a speed controller is essential for Ventech’s eight-inch inline exhaust fan. You can buy a controller from another brand. However, for ease of use, many prefer to stick with the same brand. Ventech’s only available controller on Amazon is nearly 3X the price of their duct fan,


    Ventech Inline fan reviews are somewhat contradictory. For example, many complaints stated that this fan was very loud. However, some 5-star reviews raved about this fan being quiet. Also, there were a few complaints that mention that this fan did not last as long as it should. However, a sizeable amount of top reviews stated that their fan has lasted for years, with it being on 24-7, in their growing area. Based on this exact fan as shown in the Amazon listing, this fan has been around since 2012, and with the overall excellent ratings, I would recommend the Ventech eight-inch inline fan for your indoor grow area.

    For More Information

    Click the image below to go to the listing.

    VenTech DF8 8" Duct Fan 400 CFM






    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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