Vert Edibles Review- A Las Vegas Original

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    Vert Edibles Review

    Vert Edibles is a cannabis edibles producer located in Las Vegas, Nevada. they make cannabis-infused products that range from applicators, chocolates, cookie bars, and cookie squares. All of their baked goods are made from natural, fresh ingredients, and pure cannabis oils.

    Where Offered

    Currently, per their website, Vert only sells in Nevada. (Five in Nevada, One in Reno, and One in Laughlin).  Check out this link to find out if there are any stores nearby.

    Products offered

    Vert offers a wide array of products. The following are a listing of their current edibles.


    Applicators are a new product that is offered by VERT. The applicators are designed to add extra oomph to your dabs, edibles, vaporizers, or even flowers. What they do is add the above, strain, special effects to your cannabis.
    Vert makes the following applicators:

    • 500 mg Sativa
    • 500 mg Indica
    • 500 mg CBD
    • 500 mg hybrid
    • 1000 mg Sativa
    • 1000 mg Indica
    • 1000 mg CBD
    • 1000 mg hybrid


    They only offer one bar, which is a rice crispy treat called Nice Crispies. The nice crispies bar is made of peanut butter, chocolate, and also has graham cracker crust.

    Nutrition Information Summary

    Serving size is a 10 mg piece of the bar, which accounts for ten servings. Also, each serving has 45 cal.


    They offer the following products: milk chocolate and peanut butter, plain milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

    Cookie squares

    • Birthday cake
    • Blondie
    • Chocolate chip
    • Snickerdoodle Cookie
    • Carmel brownie
    • Strawberry shortcake
    • Red velvet
    • Expresso Toffee
    • Chocolate chip brownie
    • Cookies and cream brownie





    Taste-I can personally attest to this; their baked, good edibles taste fantastic. (The Snickerdoodles and Red Velvet are my favorites) Other than the slight cannabis smell, you could never tell that they are cannabis-infused.
    Natural Ingredients-All of Vert’s foods (Baked Goods, chocolates, etc.) is natural ingredients. For example, some of their ingredients for their bars are peanut butter, dark chocolate, etc. One of the things that I noticed is that there are no ingredients that you cannot pronounce on almost all of their foods.
    Packaging-All of their edibles is, instantly, individually packaged according to rigorous food packaging common standards.
    Freshness-After completion, immediately packages their edibles, which means that their edibles will remain fresh and tasty for a long time.


    Limited Availability-Vert Edibles can only be purchased in a few places in Nevada.
    Portion Control-Some of their most popular bars and cookie squares offer little to no guidance for portion control. For example, the Red Velvet Cookie Square, unlike cannabis chocolate, doesn’t have individual squares that result in you being at risk to either take too small or too large of a portion.
    Serving Variety-Unlike other companies, like CannaQuencher, Vert does not offer single portions.

    Final Thoughts

    Many cannabis strains are either available nationwide and even worldwide.
    As a result, these popular strains are often extensively reviewed by both websites, I.E., Leafly, Weed Maps, etc., and/or by users. Cannabis edible products, as they are most likely either a niche or a local product, are rarely reviewed by either consumers or Websites. Vert Edibles is, unfortunately, not an exception to the above. However, as Vert Edibles are made in Las Vegas, and I am a Las Vegas resident, I have Vert’s personal experience. So, here are my thoughts on Vert.

    As far as baked edibles are, Vert is an excellent product. First of all, they taste great. Their Snickerdoodles, for example, would be a great treat as straight dessert even without the THC. Better yet, they get the job done. You’ll get a pleasant high with all of their squares and bars, and have a tasty treat as a bonus. If you like to try edibles other than gummies and live in Las Vegas or are visiting, you should give Vert a try.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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