Can You Use Water Purification Tablets To Pass Drug Test?

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    Is an Aqua Water Pill The Secret To Passing A Drug Test?

    As long as there have been urine testing, there have been people trying to cheat the test.

    In the 80s Rolling Stone Magazine, had advertisements for drug-free urine, at $25 a sample, which was quite a bit back then. 

    Common Drug Test Cheat Methods

    Adding A Contaminant

    One way to cheat the test is to add a contaminant to your sample. Some of the following contaminants have been used as adulterants to add to a urine sample.

    • Iodine
    • Chlorine
    • Bromine
    • Soap
    • Chromium IV
    • Hydrochloric Acid

    Water Loading

    Another common method is drinking excessive water (“water load”) in an attempt to hide or make THC or an opioid medication or any other illicit substances not detectable.

    Cranberry juice and other liquids are used also; but the theory is the same: dilute your urine sample so that any indications of drug use are eliminated or not detectable in your urine sample.

    Other Methods

    They also have various detox drinks that are claimed to eliminate THC metabolites or another type of drug metabolite in your body. You can even purchase synthetic urine.

    All the above will be saved for a later article. But, for now, I will attempt to answer the question of whether or not using water purification tablets to pass drug tests is a good idea or not.

    Theory Behind Aqua Pills-Do They Hide Drug Metabolites?

    What Are Water Purification Tablets?

    Dirty Water
    Potable Aqua Pills Can Make This Water Drinkable

    Potable Aqua Pills are bought by outdoorsmen, preppers, survivalists, etc, to make contaminated water or suspected contaminated water potable. (AKA “Drinkable”) These pills are fairly common, cheap, and can be purchased at Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

    They are designed to eliminate various waterborne bacterium, viruses, and pathogens. They do not however eliminate cryptosporidium, (a pathogen or living organism in water that can cause havoc in your body) which can only be killed in boiling water.

    Tip- Be sure to look for POTABLE Aqua Pills and not Portable Aqua Pills. I made that mistake and had a heck of a time finding these.

    How Do Water Purification Pill Work?

    Water purification or aqua pills are added to a gallon or more of water. The gallon of water is then drunk an hour or so before you take the drug test.

    Aqua pills along with the water gallon are better than drinking straight water because of the iodine that is in the tablets, and the Iodine tablet has been extensively used for cheating drug tests. The downside of using Aqua tables is potential health problems and also they taste quite nasty.

    The gallon of water that you drink along with the pills works to water load” your system and rid your body of THC metabolites and other indicators of drug use.

    This is the same thing, with the addition of the pills, that is done when a potable aqua tablet is dropped into a gallon of water before a test.

    Dangers of Using The Potable Drinking Water Tablets

    Aqua tablets are designed to eliminate harmful viruses, and bacterium, in water. They are most likely to be used in outdoor survival situations, however, they can be used for even toxic tap water. So, in other words, these tablets should only be used when your run out of bottled water or other sources of purified water or simply safe water.

    Additionally, Aqua pills guard against the pathogen Giardia. These pills are only meant to be used in emergency situations for a short time.

    According to if used inappropriately, Aqua tablets can lead to throat, mouth, and stomach irritation that can cause a burning sensation. Additionally, misuse of iodine-based Aqua tablets can lead to overall severe health problems.

    This risk of damage depends upon various factors like age, and health, and how many tablets are used. So, be aware, if you decide to use potable aqua pills you are somewhat gambling with your health.

    Water Purification Pill Brands

    There are quite a few water purification brands on the market. And, to be honest, all of them are pretty similar in that their main active ingredient is iodine.

    Two of the most common are Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets With PA Plus and Coleman Potable Aqua with PA Plus Chemical Water Treatment.

    Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets With PA Plus

    Coleman Potable Aqua with PA Plus Chemical Water Treatment Treats 25 qts

    Intended Use

    Each of these Aqua Pills is designed to be effective against water-borne viruses, and bacteria, and certain water pathogens. They do not work though for cryptosporidium. Both the Coleman and Potable Aqua have “PA Plus”, which is designed to make it taste better.

    Another popular water pill is the Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide, which as you likely guessed, has chlorine dioxide added to improve water’s taste and also make clear water.

    Are Aqua Pills Any better Than Plain Old Water?

    Aqua pills may be better than plain old water because of the added iodine. Iodine has been used for years for drug tests. So, the added iodine along with gallon water might be the secret to letting you pass the test.

    Can Aqua Pills or A Water Load Be Detected?

    I do not think that water purification pills are able to be specifically detected. However, drug testing labs are able to detect your creatinine levels.

    Creatine is an amino acid found in muscle tissue and urine. Drinking an excessive amount of water results in less creatine and also decrease the presence of drugs in your body. On the other hand, less water means that you will have more creatine.

    The drug labs by merely measuring your creatine levels state that they are able to determine whether or not you were water loading or otherwise attempting to cheat the test.

    Final Thoughts-Do Aqua Pills Work?

    I am not moralizing when I state this, I am just saying a fact: The best way to pass a drug test is to not smoke weed or take any other illicit substances. Simply put, you are facing an uphill battle when trying to outsmart drug detection labs. These labs have more money than you and frankly, the people in charge are likely smarter than you are. (I know that they are smarter than me.)

    Aqua Pills though has been shown, to some degree, to be effective in helping you pass a drug test for both weed and other illegal substances. This fact is even acknowledged by a pro-drug testing company who admits that many drug testing tricks can work in your favor.  However, as time goes on, drug testing labs technology will become more advanced and the Aqua pills may soon become useless for passing a urine analysis.

    Your likelihood of cheating a drug test depends upon the lab testing you, the lab technician, and the type of test that is being done. I’ll admit that I have no idea what the percentage chance that you have of passing a drug test by using aqua tablets. Neither do I know how much taking these pills will help you increase the odds of you getting a false negative on your urine test.

    I do know that the odds of your fooling a drug test are definitely not in your favor. So, if I was healthy, I would only try the Aqua pill dilution method or any other method for passing a drug test as a last resort.


    Detox Products

    A detox product (I.E. Detox Pills or Drinks) is designed to help your body eliminate harmful toxins. Most of these drinks are marketed for general health and not for helping with urine testing. Also, there are some marketed as a THC detox kit or more often as a means to pass a drug test.

    According to the manufacturers, all that you have to do is drink them, urinate a few times, and voila you’ll pass the test with flying colors.

    They do not though get rid of any THC in your body. Only time can do that.

    The biggest problem with these detox drinks is that they change the color of your sample, which is a sure tipoff to the drug lab that you were taking a detox drink to pass a drug test.

    Saliva Drug Tests

    Saliva drug tests are becoming, more popular, as they are non-intrusive and easier to administrate. They are also only able to detect THC within 24 hours of use and cocaine within 72 hours.

    So, if it is a saliva drug test it does not matter whether or not you tried water purification pills or any other testing hack before you took the test.

    For a saliva drug test, if you haven’t smoked within 24 hours you’ll likely pass no matter if you took water pills or didn’t take any pills.


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