Does Smoking Weed Cause Bags Under Eyes and Wrinkles?

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    Does Smoking Weed Cause Bags Under Eyes Wrinkles and Other Problems?

    Weed Cause Dark Circles Under Eyes and Wrinkles

    The most memorable, anti-smoking, public service announcement is the anti-smoking one, which states that tobacco smoke can damage your skin and cause premature aging. It is true that smoking tobacco can cause your skin to prematurely wrinkle by narrowing your skin’s outer blood vessels that impedes the blood flow to your skin, and less blood flow means your skin will not get all the oxygen and nutrients (vitamin A”) that is needed for your skin.  Click Here for the article.

    You may be thinking, okay, we all know smoking tobacco is bad for you, and getting high does cause you to have eye redness., and may cause your lips to get darker. But, is cannabis smoke harmful to your skin, and does it cause problems like eye bags and dark eye circles. I will attempt to answer this question and give you avenues to research this on your own. So, read on for further details.

    Does Weed Cause Wrinkles?

    Weed Bags
     This guy is 25 and only smoked one reefer! 🙂

    Marijuana smoke tends to constrict blood vessels, which results in restricted blood flow and kills off blood cells. This can cause harm to your skin. Additionally, cannabis smoke contains a high amount of hydrocarbons. When they touch your skin, hydrocarbons reduce the manufacturing of collagen that your skin needs. The lack of collagen can cause the following damaging effects: premature aging, wrinkles, and also, you may your skin elasticity may be damaged. Smoking marijuana can also worsen chronic skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. Wrinkles and other bad effects of smoking cannabis gradually appear, and according to the Mayo Clinic, they will only likely be recognizable after ten years of smoking cannabis.

    Cannabis May Not Be All That Bad For Your Skin

    At least according to one study, Moderate THC use may actually help with wrinkles.  These studies indicate that THC found in cannabis has anti-oxidant properties that can help slow down your skin’s aging and slow down your skin’s wrinkling. One doctor even went so far as to compare responsible cannabis use to a nightly glass of wine.

    Is Weed Smoke As Bad As Tobacco?

    Tobacco Smoke and Weed
    Tobacco Smoke Also Can Damage Your Skin

    All smoke, cannabis, tobacco, etc., is pretty much the same. And any smoke is not good for your skin. However, in most situations, tobacco smoking results in more smoke exposure to your skin.
    For example, in 2016, the average cigarette smoker smoked 14 cigarettes a day, which means their skin will (at least) be exposed to tobacco smoke fourteen times daily. Not many cannabis smokers will smoke fourteen joints in a day. Therefore, it is not a stretch to say that (assuming you just smoke weed) that a marijuana smoker’s skin will encounter less smoke than someone who smokes tobacco. Additionally, as stated before, responsible THC use may actually be beneficial to the skin.

    Weed and Bags Under Your Eyes

    Eye Bag under your eyes will get worse as your age. Eye bags occur when your skin tissues and muscles around your eyelids weaken, which results in “bags” of fat accumulating into the lower eyelids. Additionally, this lower eyelid tends to fill up with fluid, which adds to the puffy look.

    The following will worsen these eye bags:

    • Fluid-Having a salty meal will make this worse.
    • Genetics-Just like baldness or lousy vision, unsightly bags under your eye can be a family trait.
    • Sun-Too much sun can cause this issue.
    • Allergies-
    • Smoking-Mixed studies on this when it comes to cannabis.

    Preventing and Reducing Bags Under Eyes

    If you simply want to get rid of your eye bags (assuming you are NOT going to quit smoking weed), it really doesn’t matter why you have dark circles under your eye. It does matter though how to either prevent the condition or make it better.

    The number one way is to change Your consumption habits. Marijuana smoke itself is what can harm you and not the THC. Reduced exposure to marijuana smoke will mean that you will have a lesser chance of getting dark circles or eye bags. This means that, if you are worried about the eye-bags, you should stay away from pipes and especially joints instead of vaping and edibles.

    Here is some good advice from the Mayo Clinic on other ways to prevent this unsightly problem:
    • Get Enough Sleep-Lack of sleep is a significant reason for this problem.
    • Deal With Allergies-Allergies that affect your sinuses tend to cause swelling on your lower eyelids.
    • Drink Less Alcohol, and Caffeine-Both alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration.
    • Quit Cigarettes-Smoking cigarettes has been proven to cause this problem.
    • Take It Easy On The Salt- Too much salt will make your eyes puffy.
    • Wash Your Face-Before going to bed wash your face. Also, remove any makeup and use eye cremes when you are sleeping.
    • Limit Sun Exposure- Also, use sunscreen and wear sunscreen and a hat while outdoors.

    Does Smoking Weed Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

    Sun Damage
    Sun Is Likely Worse Than Any Weed Smoke

    Unsightly dark circles are another problem that cannabis smokers attribute to their smoking. As it implies, dark circles happen when the skin under your eyes turns, noticeably, dark. Per the Mayo Clinic, they can be caused by several factors, like:
    • Hay Fever
    • Not Enough sleep
    • Genetic
    • Too Much Sun
    • Age

    Can Weed Smoking Cause Dark Circles?

    Other than anecdotal accounts, I was unable to find anything scientific studies on whether or not weed causes you to have dark circles or eyebags. There are though ways for you to prevent and help reduce these problems, some of which are the following techniques from Healthline:
    • Cold-Apply ice or other cold substance to your eyes. This will help with the blood vessels in your eyes.
    • Elevation While Sleeping-Elevate your head while sleeping, which will help prevent any puffiness in your eyes.
    • Sleep- Getting some extra sleep will help the circles and eye bags less noticeable.


    Some studies are showing moderate cannabis smoking (because of the THC) can be beneficial for your skin. However, excess exposure to cannabis smoke has been shown to cause premature aging. However, if you are worried about premature wrinkles and aging, you should do the following:
    • If Applicable Quit Smoking Tobacco-Tobacco has no positive effects, whatsoever on your skin.
    • Try vaping, edibles, etc.-Get your cannabis fix by methods that either reduce or eliminate smoke.
    • Hygiene-Get into a daily habit of washing your face, using moisturizer.

    There are many reasons why you would get bags and dark circles under your eyes. For example, as stated earlier, lack of sleep and genetics may cause you to have this problem. So, if you are worried about eye bags, you should take the above preventative steps that I listed in this article, and you should lessen the chance of getting wrinkles, bags under your eyes, dark circles under your eyelids

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