Ultimate Guide, Non-Cannabis Related, Weed Friendly Jobs

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    Weed friendly Jobs

    Drug testing is not going away anytime soon. Studies show that 56% of employers require a pre-employment drug screening test. (These tests cost businesses approximately. $3,750,500,000) More testing equals more positive results, which has resulted in the highest positive results in years. (It is though quite small at 4.2%) Marijuana detection via drug test has increased to double digits. Because of increased positivity, it would not be a reckless assumption that a background check and drug testing, for marijuana use, will become more commonplace for both candidates and potential employees.

    If you use cannabis products and you want to either get hired or keep your job there are two things you can do:

    1. Cheat The Test-This is not advisable. I say this not on moral grounds. But drug screening is a cat and mouse game between the drug screening industry and the person being drug tested. Once a testing company finds out “X” was used to cheat a test, they will eventually figure out how to figure out a way to prevent X from working again.
    2. Find Weed Friendly Industries-This is the best option if you want to smoke weed without worrying about losing your job. I will go over these potentially 420 friendly positions later in this article.

    A good rule of thumb is that for the lower the pay, and the bigger the company, the more likely you will have to take a drug test.

    Medical Cannabis

    Only one state, Nevada, protects potential workers from not being hired if they test positive for cannabis use in pre-employment screening. This means that you can legally not be hired and also fired for using weed even if you have a valid medical marijuana card.

    What to Avoid

    Below are positions, that you should expect to take a pre-employment drug screening.

    1. US government-The US Government still tends to still believe in the “Just Say No” on drug use that Nancy Reagan popularized in the 80s. Marijuana is still illegal Federally. So, will most likely be required to take a drug test for a US Government career.
    2. Health Care -Because of perceived safety reasons in dealing with patients, entry-level, and lower-paying, health care workers will most likely require drug screening.
    3. Manufacturing-Because of heavy machinery and that these jobs are dangerous, testing is common.
    4. Transportation/Logistics– Any job that requires you to drive the public or drive a semi will likely require potential employees to take a pre-employment drug screening test.

    A screening will be most likely required for positions that have work environment dealing with public safety or with the federal government.

    Random Testing

    For many positions, a pre-hire drug screening is all that is needed. However, a few companies may also have random drug testing for their workers Below are examples of companies that will most likely have a pre-employment drug screening.

    1. Health Care/ Hospital Jobs-
    2. Transportation and Logistics-


    Any job, even those that do not require drug tests may require a drug screen if you are in an accident or injured while working.

    Marijuana Friendly Positions

    The Cannabis industry is obviously a 420 friendly job that includes working at dispensaries, growing pot, and also extraction. These positions allow you to test positive for marijuana and they also might even encourage cannabis consumption. For example, a budtender job requires you to know the various cannabis strains inside and out, which means that personal knowledge of cannabis is helpful. For smokers, if your state has legalized marijuana, working in the cannabis industry is for you.

    If you are wondering about getting a job in the Cannabis Industry and joining the Green Rush, CLICK HERE for more details.

    Weed Friendly Jobs

    Below are weed-friendly jobs that are not related to cannabis.

    Nevada, No Pre-Job Drug Screening Allowed

    Nevada Legislature voted for legalized, medical use of Cannabis in 2000, and In 2017 voters approved of the recreational use of marijuana. In 2020, the Nevada legislature passed a law, which made it unlawful for a business to not hire someone for testing positive for marijuana. This is the first, law of this type in the United States. There are a though a few exceptions, which are shown below.


    ● Federal – Under federal law marijuana is still illegal and is considered to have zero medical value. As a result, this law or any Nevada law does not apply to the US government.

    ● Emergency Job Type-Firefighters and Paramedics can be pre-employment tested as these positions deal with public safety.

    ● Transportation-Driving positions that either state or federal law require a take a drug test.

    Major Limitation

    This law only prevents pre-employment drug tests. Once you are employed, you can be tested either pre-employment or randomly. So, you need to explore both an employer’s policy and the overall industry norms on drug screening.

    Cannabis Industry)

    The following are general drug screening guidelines. Exceptions to these guidelines, based upon past history and the employer may exist.


    This includes accountants, lawyers, doctors etc-Professionals will most likely not be required to take a drug test. This is especially true for Accountants and Lawyers who are in private practice. Also, most licensed professionals will not have to take a pre-job test even if they are hired as an employee.

    The only exceptions likely to come up could be if you want to work for the federal government as an independent contractor and they require a drug test

    Independent Contractors

    Independent contractors work for themselves and they are, as you should have guessed, independent of their employer. This means that they use their own equipment, set their own hours, etc. So, a drug test is not required unless whoever hired them requires one.


    Realtors are also considered independent contractors. So, as with all independent contractor positions, it would be quite rare for you to have to take a pre-job test.

    Mom And Pop Operations

    Screening for drugs costs money and money is likely tight for a small business. Therefore, small, family-run businesses, will likely not require a pre-employment drug screening.

    Creative Fields

    This includes positions like a graphic artist, fashion designer, interior decorator, and others. All of these jobs require you to be creative and weed has been know to help with creativity. Therefore, the creative or artistic industry will be less likely to require pre-employment drug screening.

    Tops In Your Industry

    When you are among the best in your industry, you can often write your own paycheck and work where you desire to work. This means that if an employer is recruiting you they will most likely not require a drug test as they realize you will go work at their competitor.

    Entry-Level Work- Most Likely Not Requiring A Drug Test

    Per the American Addiction Centers, the jobs that do not normally require pre-screening are customer service and clerical positions.

    Final Thoughts

    It should go without saying; do your homework before applying for any position even if you are sure that it is 420 friendly. This is especially true if you are wondering about a companies policy on drug screening. Go online, and do your research by checking out their website, going on forums, or try just a plain old Google search.

    Tip-Don’t mention drug screening during your interview. But, if you feel it is appropriate, you may want to ask for their employee handbook, which would likely have their rules concerning both pre-employment and random drug screening You should simply state toward the end of the interview that you would like to understand more about their company culture of the equivalent.

    These recommendations are general guidelines. For example, a conservative company hiring for a creative position could likely require a drug screening, and even have random testing. So, if you are interested in a company that requires pre-employment and random testing, you need to ask yourself: Can I or do I want to stop smoking weed? If the answer is no, apply to another company.

    How To Find Jobs, Which Specifically Mention No Drug Test

    All you have to do is go to indeed.com and in the search field type “No drug test required” and you’ll be able to find jobs that don’t require testing.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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