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    Best Steps for Preventing and Removing Weed and The Stale Cigarette Smell From Your Hair, Clothes

    You are not ashamed that you are a weed smoker. However, it is nobody’s business that you enjoy cannabis. So, how can you remove or hide the lingering smell of cannabis from your hair, clothes, car, and other areas?

    There are three ways to do this, which are:

    • Prevention-Not having your hair smell like cannabis (or minimizing the strong smell) in the first place is the best route for you to take.
    • Use An Odor Neutralizer-Neutralizing weed’s smell is often done by applying deodorant or other substances to your hair, clothes, and automobile.
    • Eliminating The Cannabis smell-This is primarily done through either commercial cleaning solutions or DIY home remedies.

    These methods will also eliminate cigarette smoke.

    How Long Does The Smell of Weed Last Inside?

    If you are reading this article, it is quite likely that you know about ganja’s distinctive aroma. However, it is also likely that you do not know how long weed’s smell will linger. Answering this question can be a bit tricky though as there are numerous factors on how long the weed smell from smoking will last. So, it is generally impossible to give a straight answer like “Pot Smoke Lasts for five hours”.

    Factors On How Long Weed Smell May Linger

    • Terpenes– Terpenes, which are often found in various essential oils, are the main reason for a particular strain’s distinctive odor. An example of this is the Myrcene and Limonene terpenes. Myrcene (OG Kush is a Myrcene dominant strain), one of the most popular terps, gives off the famous musky, skunky smell associated with weed. And, the lemon smell found in Do-Si-Dos is because of the limonene terp.

    Terpenes and Essential Oil- Terps and essential oils are often used interchangeably. They are however different in that terpenes can be a part of essential oil. But, essential oil, cannot be a part of a terpene.

    • Where Did You Smoke?– The biggest factor is the room was where you were smoking weed. I.E., Was the room well ventilated, was a fan on, is this room cleaned on a regular basis, etc.
    • Was The Bud Ripe?-Bud that is prematurely harvested will normally not smell as pungent as ripe bud. Unfortunately, with ripeness though comes potency. So, unless you are okay with an unsatisfying smoking session, purchasing premature weed isn’t a solution.

    Can’t Rely On Your Smell-If you do not smell something it does not necessarily mean that a scent is gone. It could just mean that your nervous system, to prevent sensory overload can make you blind to certain smells. An example of this is weed smokers may not smell lingering weed odor that is noticeable to a non-smoker.

    What About The Smell Of Stored Weed?

    Age Matters-A growing cannabis plant is known for having a distinctive smell, which is the reason why carbon filters are so important for grow tents. Dried, and smokeable weed also smells. However, smelly dried, smokeable weed, isn’t an issue when it is properly stored in an air-tight container. With all things being equal, weed’s smell is heavily influenced by its age. Fresh weed will be at its highest potency and also smell the most. On the other hand, old weed or weed that hasn’t been properly stored and dried up will not be as aromatic or potent as recently harvested cannabis.

    How Can Lingering Cannabis Odor Be Prevented And/Or Controlled

    Preventing a smoke smell in the first place, or drastically minimizing the smell is your first priority. Luckily it isn’t that hard to prevent the unpleasant smell of weed from staying around. Some of these methods may even entirely eliminate the problem and others will make it easier to fix. Here are the methods for preventing overwhelming cannabis and tobacco smoke.

    • Personal Air Filter – With a personal air filter you smoke into an activated charcoal carbon filter, which minimizes weed smoke and smell. They work well and depending upon how much you smoke they are not that expensive. I wrote on the two most popular ones-the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy previously.
    • Sploof – A sploof is a DIY filter that reduces the distinctive pot smoke odor, and also the amount of smoke. It is easy to make as all you do is make a cylinder-shaped object and at the end of the object, you place a filter that reduces the smoke. One common filter that is used is a fabric softener, dryer sheet.
    • Air Out -If possible smoke in a well-ventilated area. Even better, stop smoking indoors. This means no “HotBoxing”, which is smoking in an enclosed space where the cannabis smoke can’t escape.
    • Vape Weed or Choose Edibles – Vapor does smell; a vape pen though has a significantly less noticeable smell, and likely can not be recognized by the untrained or nonsmoker.
    • Vaporizer– A portable vaporizer, can also help lessen the cannabis‘ smell.
    • Air Purifier-An air purifier traps airborne contaminants, which can result in a better air quality and a greatly reduced or eliminaed lingering smoky smell.

    Hiding The Smell (AKA “Odor Neutralizer)

    This is not the best alternative. However, you will not always be able to eliminate or prevent unwanted smells. So, you need to know how to best neutralize unpleasant smoke odors.

    • Air Freshener-Air fresheners do not eliminate the cannabis smell. It will though potentially hide the smell. Some of the most popular odor eliminator control sprays are Febreze and Ozium. Febreeze is of the most common and well-known air fresheners available. If comes in a spray bottle and all you do is simply spray it and most smells should be eliminated. It is not the best solution. But, it can mask most smells when time is of the essence

    Ozium is a aerosol room spray, air freshener that is quite popular. It is designed to control bad odors in areas, like public buildings, schools, and even hospitals. The makers even  claim that it  helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria.  As a bonus, according to the makers, Ozium’s active ingredients will work for up to three to four hours.

    • Dryer Sheet-Rubbing an unused dryer sheet onto clothes or even your hair will greatly reduce either weed or cigarette smoke.
    • Incense-In college, we always knew someone was smoking weed by smelling the incense coming from their room. So, you may not want to use this trick if you are trying to hide your smoking from a family member or roommate. However, incense has been used for ages to counteract different smells, and the smell of weed is no exception.

    One of the most popular odor-masking incense is Nag Champa, which started becoming popular in the ’60s and ’70s in the US and it was commonly burned at Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan concerts. It is a mixture of various herbs, sandalwood, gums, resins, and essential oils that are taken from different flowers. It is especially valued as its distinctive smell lasts long after it has stopped burning.

    • Body Spray-Axe Body Spray may have a rep for being for douchebags. It has even been called a “Febreze for Douchebag.” It can though mask stale cannabis smoke. So, your uptight boss may consider you a douchebag; but not a stoned douchebag.
    • Scented Candle-A scented candle’s pleasant smell will help you eliminate the weed smoke smell, and it is also less suspicious than incense.
    • Essential Oils- Patchouli Oil is a popular and time-tested essential oil that can be used for odor control. All you have to do is apply some behind your ears before you start smoking.

    Best Methods For Eliminating The Cannabis Smell From Your Hair, Clothes, and Your Car

    How To Get Weed Smell Out Of Hair

    First of all, it should go without saying that if you are worried about smelly hair, you should regularly wash your hair. Depending on how much you smoke and your exposure to weed smoke, regular shampoo should be all that you need. However, if you find that the weed smell is especially stubborn, you may be forced to use more drastic measures.

    Some of which are the following DIY solutions: Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse, and Baking soda Shampoo.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

    Apple cider vinegar is said to have numerous benefits that range from improving your digestion to lowering cholesterol. I do not know about the validity of any of the benefits. I do know though that it also works for cleaning and removing obnoxious, unwanted odors from your hair. You can buy a shampoo, which is quite expensive.

    WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set Increase Gloss, Hydration, Shine, Reduce Itchy Scalp, Dandruff & Frizz, No Parabens or Sulfates, All Hair Types, 2 x 16.9 Fl Oz 500mL

    Alternatively, you can make your own rinse by following the directions on the simple recipe.


    1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

    6 Tbsp. Dark Beer

    2 Cups of Distilled water

    Mix them up, and use it like you would your normal shampoo. And afterward, the pot smell in your hair will be neutralized, and weed smoke residue will be removed. The only problem is that you may end up smelling like apple juice. So, do this the night, just before bed.

    Baking Soda Shampoo

    This DIY shampoo is used for dog odor control. However, it also works well on humans. It makes sense that it would work well on humans because dogs have a lot of hair and also our fur babies tend to roll in some stinky stuff.

    Cute, But Smelly Dogs

    It is meant for people who have very oily hair. So, if you have dry hair you should use caution when applying this hair rinse. All you have to do is follow the recipe and mix them together, and apply it to your hair.

    1 Tbsp of Baking Soda

    1.5 Cups of Warm water

    White Vinegar Shampoo

    Lucy's Family Owned - Natural Distilled White Vinegar, 1 Gallon (128 oz) - 5% Acidity

    White vinegar is an even more powerful scent-removing shampoo. An excellent general article on the uses of vinegar for shampoo and more can be found, here. 

    How to Remove Weed Smell From Clothes

    If you are not able to properly clean your clothes a body spray and essential oils can help mask unwanted weed odor. To remove the smell via a washing machine though all you do is wash them like you normally would and add a cup of vinegar to your wash.

    How to Get Weed Smoke Smell Out Of Car

    As an automobile is a confined space, it can be tricky for you to remove any unwanted smell from your vehicle. That’s why it is best for you to limit your smoking in your car or, if you can, keep the window open while smoking. Another common-sense thing that you should do is regularly clean your car.

    The unwanted smell of tobacco and weed smoke at your home for most people is simply an annoyance. For legal reasons, getting rid of the cannabis smoke smell is of utmost importance for your car. The reason is that, if a cop smells weed, he would have probable cause to either search your car or potentially arrest you for driving under the influence.

    Besides those obvious steps, what can you do?

    • What is the best car air freshener for weed? Even though weed may have a distinctive smell it is the same as most other smells. So, don’t waste your money buying any, so-called, special freshener designed to eliminate the smell of cannabis or eliminate smell down to the odor molecule. A basic odor-neutralizer air freshener, like Ozium or Febreze, will work just fine as they designed to help with different scents like pet odor and they will also work for the cannabis smell.
    • Deep Cleaning– The only way that you are going to eliminate cannabis and tobacco smoke that is set in your car is by deep cleaning. There are numerous, commercial, cleaning solutions for tobacco smoke. I have not had a chance to review any of them; however, many individuals swear by DIY cleaning solutions, like vinegar and baking soda natural cleanse. For more info check out the video below.
    • Automobile Ozone Generator Ozone generators are claimed by their manufacturers to eliminate bad odor at their source. However, not everyone agrees that an ozone generator is effective. But they are quite popular and many people do swear by their effectiveness.
    FULOXTECH Mini Ozone Generator, Portable Ozone Machine, O3 Air Purifier Deodorization Sterilizer, Air Cleaner for Odors Eliminating, Travelling, Outdoor, Room, Pets, Cars & Bag White
    Portable Ozone Generator

    Coffee Grounds-Coffee grounds are an excellent DIY, passive, odor absorber. They are also easy to use, Click here for an article on how to use coffee grounds in odor control.


    Final Thoughts

    I am sure you tired of me repeating this; but, it needs to be said: prevention is the best way to control all smells, which includes pot smoke. So, if possible, smoke outdoors, and if that is not possible, look into buying a personal air filter, trying vaping or learn to cook edibles. And, if the above doesn’t work, you should then try the above methods for eliminating cannabis odor.




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