Help! My weed Smells Like Cat Pee!

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    Why Does Weed Smell Like Cat Piss?

    Cat pee or ammonia-smelling weed can be either normal or a sign of trouble. But, if you are a weed smoker or grower it is something you are likely curious about why prized weed may end up with the distinct odor of a cat litter box that has not been cleaned in a month.

    You Don’t Want Your Weed To Smell Like This!

    Terpene and The Entourage Effect

    Terpenes give weeds distinct aromas. Some aromas are pleasant and many other smells are, to be diplomatic, acquired odor. So, just because your cannabis buds may smell off, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong.

    Entourage Effect

    For example, Skunk weed to many has an objectionable smell. The reason for this skunky smell is the terpene Myrcene. The Myrcene terpene has a smell resembling a musky, clove, and a fruity, grape aroma. The Myrcene smell alone is not generally considered as objectionable. However, under the entourage effect, is not a single terpene that gives a strain its smell. It is the combination of different strains reacting with one another that produces both the distinct smell and the overall respective strains effects.

    Why Weed Smells Like Ammonia

    There are several reasons why weed may smell like cat litter. Some of these reasons are the cannabis plant, itself, and other reasons are because of the cannabis plant being improperly processed after cultivation. The main reasons, for bad weed, and why your weed has an ammonia/ cat urine smell are listed below are the strain and moldy weed.

    Cannabis Strain

    As stated earlier, the Myrcene terpene dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong ammonia aroma. Some notable, ammonia-smelling weed strains are Gelato 45, Cheese Dawg, and Sour Pour OG. One such famous or infamous, urine strain is the Cat Piss Strain.

    Cat Piss Strain

    The Cat Piss Strain is a Sativa strain that was derived from Super Silver Haze. It has around and 18% THC. Despite its obnoxious smell, is it known for having a pine-like, sweet flavor. And, medical marijuana patients value this strain for it helping with nausea, chronic pain, and arthritis.

    You might wonder why anyone would choose the Cat Piss Strain or other pungent cannabis strains. The main reason is simple: The positive effects of a certain cannabis strain outweight the obnoxious smell.

    Mold Spores

    Moldy Weed

    Moldy weed, which can give off an ammonia smell is a common reason for cannabis buds smelling like cat urine.

    How to Identify Mold

    Mold-infected weed can be identified by its smell and looks. Concerning the smell, moldy weed though has a distinctive smell that is similar to sweat, must, and an ammonia-like urine odor.

    Mold also can be spotted on the bud itself where it looks like cobwebs. Not all mold though is evident to the untrained eye. For example, some buds that are affected with moldy spores resemble the trichomes or crystals on cannabis. Additionally, white powdery mildew looks like powdery kief.

    How Do Buds Get Moldy

    Mold happens when the growing, drying or cultivation environment is too humid. So, when the humidity level in your grown room, grow tent, etc., is not properly controlled, mold is more likely to appear.

    Do Not Smoke Cat Pee Or Ammonia Smelling weed

    If you learn one thing from this article, you need to remember that you should not take a risk and smoke, overpowering, ammonia-smelling cannabis that is infected with mold spores. First of all, mildew-infected marijuana that smells like cat pee tastes awful. The sensation, of smoking moldy weed, has been described as a harsh and irritating feeling, and an overall unpleasant feeling.

    This alone should stop you from taking a chance and smoking “Bad Weed.” However, I’ve been there myself, (I haven’t knowingly smoked moldy weed though) when you are out of weed, and It’s either 11 pm and your local dispensary is closed or you, god forbid, live in a state where the devil’s lettuce is still illegal. You become desperate and decide to take a chance.

    Don’t do It!!! It’s not worth it. To state the obvious, when you smoke moldy weed, you are ingesting toxic mold into your lungs. Moldy weed not only tastes like $%#, but it can also cause you to get seriously sick, with a lung infection.

    Getting a lung infection or other infection from moldy weed is more likely to occur if you are already sick or are suffering from a compromised immune system, like AIDS. Additionally, if you are allergic to penicillin, smoking moldy weed can also make you quite sick.

    Final Thoughts

    Cat Pee smelling weed is easily avoidable. First of all, simply stay away from ammonia-smelling cannabis strains, like the Cat Piss strain and Cheese Dawg. If you are a grower, you need to grow, dry, and cure your weed in the proper humidity and room temperature. And, finally, cannabis to avoid any issue with smoking, cat pee weed, learn how to identify moldy buds and of course, throw away any buds that are affected with mildew.


    Use a Carb Filter; So, You Won’t Be Mistaking For a Meth Lab

    A Meth lab smell has been described as having no smell to having numerous smells like:

    • Rotten eggs
    • Nail Polish
    • Lighter Fuel or Fluid
    • Ether

    And Ammonia!

    Nowadays, prosecuting, a small-time marijuana grower is not seen as a priority, even where weed is not legal. However, crystal meth is a hard drug that has destroyed countless lives. So, you do not want your moldy weed or ammonia-smelling cannabis strain to be mistaken for a methamphetamine cooking operation. To prevent this from happening, use a carbon filter, and dry and grow cannabis in the proper environment.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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    Learn how to grow weed indoors or outdoors fast with Ryan Riley's acclaimed - THE BUD BIBLE.