Stoner Slang 101-What is Chiefing?

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    Stoner Slang 101: Do You Know What Cheifing Means?

    The cannabis lifestyle, like any culture, has its own slang words. Chiefing, unlike stoned, banked, etc., is a slang term that you might not have heard of before. Therefore, I decided to write this brief article on the meaning, and origins, of the urban slang word Chiefing.

    What is Chiefing?

    Are you guilty of chiefing a joint?

    Chiefing has several different, dictionary, definitions. However, in cannabis culture, is most often used during a group smoking session.

    Chiefing according to Maximum Yield occurs when you are passing a joint, blunt, bong, etc., in a group, and when you take inappropriately huge tokes before passing it off to the next smoker. It is often used when marijuana smokers are smoking top-shelf marijuana.

    Other definitions of this word are from Urban Dictionary and Ganjapreneur.

    Urban Dictionary’s definition of Chiefing is a bit different in that Chiefing means only to aggressively smoke weed or any substance.

    Ganjapreneur, on the other hand, states that when you are Chiefing you are hogging or vigorously smoking weed.

    What Is The Etymology (“Meaning”) Of Chiefing?

    Native American Peace Pipe-Courtesy of LOC.Gov

    Obviously, Chiefing is derived from the word chief, which was used by European settlers to designate ranking upon Indigenous people in a clan, village, or group.

    Notice, I said European settlers and not Native American tribes. The word chief is not Native American, and the word actually has old French and European origins. Native Americans instead of Chiefs called male leaders Headman and woman leaders were called Clan Mothers.

    How Did It Evolve Into Stoner Culture?

    Chiefing, when used by stoners, likely comes from a Native American tribe’s practice of passing around a ceremonial, Peace Pipe. (Also called Sacred Pipe, Calumet) Per, this article, the peace pipe smokers, smoked as fast as they could. The pipe, which was usually filled with tobacco, was considered a holy object, and the practice of smoking and passing the Peace Pipe was said to allow humans to communicate with underworld spirits.

    Is The Term Chiefing and Chief Derogatory?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you are likely aware that using Native American culture as mascots is quite controversial. (I.E., Chief Wahoo, Redskins, etc.) So, is a slang term like Chiefing also considered to be racist?

    If you think this is PC BS. In the immortal words of The DUDE:

    That’s your opinion man….

    The Dude

    So, whether you care or not, here is what I found during my research.

    Why It Might Be Racist?

    One argument on why it could be offensive is from the website Native Circle, which states that the Indigenous tribes did not call their leaders chiefs. Instead, their leaders were called Head Man or Clan Mothers. Therefore, not calling their leaders by their correct name is considered a sign of disrespect, and it actually could be compared to calling an African American, “Boy” or the N-word.

    Why Chiefing Might Not Be Racist?

    On the other hand, an article by the Washington Post states that, based upon its European origins, Chief (defined as a leader or ruler) is not actually racist.

    Modern Day Native American Chiefing

    Additionally, the term Chiefing is also used by Native Americans who make money off of their ancestry. One example of this is Native Americans exploiting their own culture for tourists’ dollars.

    This article described that in Cherokee, North Carolina an Indian reservation town, shops like “Sundancer Crafts” and even a Redskin Motel. The town of Cherokee also offered a variety of Native American exhibits like totem poles and they feature live Indian dancers.

    The word Cheifing was also used by Cherokee tribesmen, who with elaborately feathered headdresses and war paint, hung out in front of souvenir shops, and posed for pictures with tourists.


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    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
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