QWISO vs BHO-Is ISO Hash Or BHO The Best?

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    What’s Better-Isopropyl or Butane Extraction?

    The Differences Between ISO Hash, BHO, and QWISO

    It can be a bit confusing trying to differentiate ISO Hash, BHO, and QWISO. And if you do not understand the differences, this article is quite confusing. So, below is a glossary that will help you understand the differences between these three terms.

    • Concentrates– are derived from the trichomes and kief from a cannabis plant, that contains cannabinoids and terpenes. Concentrates, which are highly potent, are used for vaping, wax, shatter, crumble, etc.
    • QWISO -Quick Wash Isopropyl Hash (“QWISO”) is the process that is used to make ISO Hash. With QWISO, isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent to extract the trichomes from ripe buds, which in turn makes the cannabis concentrate.
    • ISO Hash-Is the result or the product that comes from the QWISO alcohol extraction method.
    • BHO-(AKA-Butane Hash Oil)-BHO is a term that is used for all cannabis extracts using butane as the solvent. Other than using butane for the solvent extract, BHO is relatively the same as the QWISO cannabis oil extraction method.

    Best Practices for Handling Isopropyl Alcohol and Butane

    ISO and Butane are both toxic substances that can cause skin and respiratory damage. For example, a few damaging effects of inhaling a large amount of ISO are irritation of the throat, nausea, vomiting, coughing, and overall breathing difficulty. Inhaling Butane also can cause issues similar to pneumonia.

    Handling and The Working Environment (ISO)

    Wear gloves to prevent ISO and from absorbing into your skin. (Traditional safety gloves should work just fine) Also, if possible, only extract in a well-ventilated area.

    Special Handling Instructions for Butane

    As butane is highly flammable and the fumes are quite toxic, butane extraction should be done outside.


    ISO and Butane are highly flammable, which means they should only be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area, and in an air-tight container.

    The PROS and CONS of the QWISO and BHO Extraction Methods


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    The QWISO alcohol extraction method is quite popular for the following reasons:

    • Equipment– You do not need any special equipment as all items for ISO Hash can be purchased at your local grocery store. i.e., A paper coffee filter, bottle of pure ISO alcohol, and a razor blade can all be purchased at your local grocery store.
    • Cheap -From the ordinary equipment needed to the low-cost, ISO, solvent, it is quite cheap compared to other methods.
    • QWISO Yield -QWISO when done correctly will give you higher yields than other solvent methods.
    • User Friendly-Arguably, QWISO is the easiest method for making concentrates.
    • Safer-ISO alcohol is flammable. However, it is considered to be a safer solvent than butane.
    • Taste– Prime bud, when using the QWISO method, makes some of the best tasting hashish.


    Many of these disadvantages are shared by all forms of DIY solvent-based extraction methods and not just QWISO. Even so, they are still down points.

    • Flammable -ISO alcohol, even though it is less flammable than butane, is still quite flammable.
    • Skin Irritant – ISO alcohol is a toxic substance that can irritate your skin
    • Fumes– The fumes can be overwhelming if you are making your ISO hash in a closed room.
    • Not Left Over Friendly– the taste of ISO Hash Oil concentrates made from mixed plant materials is disappointing at best with the QWISO Method


    GasOne Butane Fuel Canister (4pack)


    • Equipment-No specialized, laboratory equipment is needed for BHO.
    • Taste-Although taste is subjective, most users agree that the BHO, product, tastes better than Iso Hash Oil.
    • Left Over Friendly– BHO works well with both cannabis buds and also leftover plant material.
    • Potency-BHO is the most potent DIY, cannabis extraction method as it can result in 90% THC, which is 10% higher than ISO Hash Oil.


    • Flammability– It is an extremely flammable, and colorless gas that can swiftly vaporize at room temperature. Butane is the fuel that is used in disposable lighters like the Bic.
    • Large Batches– Compared to QWISO it is harder to produce large batches of BHO.
    • Fumes-Butane fumes are more flammable and also potentially more toxic than Iso alcohol.
    • Outside-For safety’s sake, BHO, should only be done outside.
    • Cancer-Causing- Studies have indicated that Butane might be carcinogenic.

    Are The BHO and QWISO Extraction Methods Safe?

    Serious health problems can happen when butane and ISO residual solvent are left in the final product. For example, there are several medical case studies where, healthy individuals, suffered from serious respiratory damage from smoking BHO extracts. For example, this study linked BHO to symptoms resembling Atypical Pneumonia. This same issue is shown, on Research Gate, and here. I was unable to find any similar respiratory problems associated with ISO hash. Isopropyl though is a hazardous substance and its fumes also can cause nose and throat irritation. Additionally, drinking iso straight up is not safe.

    Final Thoughts

    Once you get the hang of it both BHO and ISO are relatively easy to make. However, if not done correctly, both though can have damaging health consequences. (Butane extraction can be especially dangerous) As a result, I personally would only use consider using homemade QWISO extract and BHO if I lived in a state where recreational weed is still illegal. In conclusion, for safety, I would choose ISO over BHO.


    Why Would You Choose Concentrates Instead of Cannabis Flower?

    A cannabis plant is made of plant material, (I.E., Fan Leaves, Sugar Leaves, Stalks) and, for lack of better terms, “Active Material”. The plant material or marijuana leaves have trace amounts of CBD, terpenes, and other active ingredients. However, as the number of active ingredients in the leaves is so small, you would have to smoke a massive amount of leafy material to get high.

    On the other hand, the Active Material (Concentrates/Extracts) is the area that contains the active or useful ingredients like THC, and CBD. Extract, or concentrates, is the pure THC, or CBD without any of the extraneous plant material. This means that concentrates, like hash oil, shatter, wax, etc. will get you higher on a physically smaller amount of cannabis.

    How To Make ISO Hash Oil

    DIY Extraction Methods

    Solvent and olive oil are two common DIY, extraction, methods. As you likely guessed, DIY methods do not require any expensive equipment or specialized skill. If you can follow a simple recipe, you can make your own concentrate.

    Olive Oil

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    This is one of the oldest methods used for extraction and, since olive oil is not anywhere near as flammable as butane, ethanol, etc., it is the safest method. As a bonus, studies have also shown that olive oil extraction can result in the extraction of the fullest range of terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Solvent Extraction

    A solvent is a liquid, which dissolves another substance. When used in extraction, the solvent extracts or strips the trichomes from marijuana. ISO is just one solvent that is used for extraction. Other popular solvents are naphtha, butane, ethanol, petroleum ether, and many other types of alcohol-based liquids.

    Industrial Extraction Methods

    Professional extraction methods require expensive equipment, extensive training, and a sanitary, laboratory setting. Below are a few of these methods.

    • Dry Ice
    • Hydrocarbon Extraction (Closed Loop)
    • Co2

    Click HERE if you want to learn more about professional cannabis extraction.

    How to Make ISO Hash

    Items Needed

    • Weed -Ten to twenty grams of ripe bud is best. Five grams is the least amount that should be used.
    • Herb Grinder – Isopropyl Alcohol (AKA Rubbing Alcohol)-100 to 200 ml of ISO alcohol is needed per ten grams of cannabis buds.
    • Coffee Pot– Glass, Stove-Top
    • Paper Coffee filters -Unbleached
    • Filter – A single metal screened coffee filter to put on the pot.
    • Pyrex Jar -used for the hash
    • Large Metal Screen -This large metal screen is placed on top of the plastic bowl
    • Large Canning or Mason Jar
    • Tupperware Container
    • Razor Blade

    Safety Gear

    • Fan -This will make sure that any noxious fumes are either eliminated or greatly mitigated.
    • Gloves -Safety gloves are needed to prevent skin irritation.


    All prep should be done at least three hours before production.

    1. Grind– Finely grind up all of the buds and place them into the large mason jar, until it is half full.

    2. Freeze Em– Place the buds and the ISO, separately, into the freezer for at least three hours. Longer than three hours is ideal and if time is not an issue they both should be placed in the freezer overnight.

    Freezing the buds results in the buds falling off easier, which means a better yield, and an overall easier job.


    1. Get The Buds-Take the cannabis-filled jars and ISO out of the fridge.
    2. Pour- Pour the ISO into the jars until weed is totally covered and saturated.
    3. Shake-After tightly closing the lid start shaking the jar for around 20 seconds.
    4. Filter-Remove the jar lid, place the filter on the jar’s top, and screw in the jar-ring over the filter. (You want to make sure the filter does not fall off)
    5. Pour-Pour the filtered jar contents onto the plate and stop when the iso alcohol quits leaking. After that squeeze the liquid out of the cannabis straight into the plate.
    6. Boil it-Place the plate on top of a boiling pot of water, until the liquid evaporates.
    7. Final Steps-Take the plate off of the water pot and, using the razors, start scraping until you get the sticky, gooey goodness of hash oil.

    How Should The ISO Extract Look, Like, When It Is Done?

    High Quality QWISO is clear and yellow. On the other hand, low-quality ISO is black, green, with a gummy texture.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
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