What’s A Weedologist?

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Are You A Ganja Expert?

Weedologist is an informal classification of someone who is an expert in marijuana, cannabis culture, and cannabis products.

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    Some compare a Weedologist to a professional bartender or mixologist. A cannabis professional though is more than an order taker. To be a master of their trade they should be able to pair a particular strain to a customer’s needs. For example, a Weedologist should be able to pick the best cannabis product for a particular client’s medical condition. I.E., Chronic pain, or Insomnia. As such, a wine sommelier certified Master Cicerone* or even a pharmacist is more closely comparable to the Weedologist.

    A true Weedologist must be a student and lifelong learner of “all things” ganja and have a familiarity with items ranging from the theory of extraction to how a certain terpenoid may affect an individual.

    *A Master Cicerone is a beer expert who has been proven to know all there is about beer. I.E, Brewing, pairing, and overall masterful knowledge of all beer types.

    Where Can You Find A Weedologist?

    Weedologist is an informal label, and there is currently no standardized test or certification that you can take to be labeled as one. As a result, Just like a life coach or even a personalized trainer, anyone can label themselves a Weedologist.

    Conceedingly, a self-taught stoner could know all there is to know about cannabis. However, as recreational marijuana and the medical marijuana industry are growing like wildfire it’ll be very hard for the average cannabis enthusiast to keep up with industry trends, extraction methods, recognize the finest cannabis strains, etc. As a result, you should look at your local dispensary to find a so-called Weedologist or as they are better known a Bud Tender.

    Qualifications Of A Local, Friendly Bud Tender

    Bud, and More Buds!

    The cannabis industry’s legitimization has resulted in increased qualifications for almost all cannabis dispensary positions. As such, it is becoming increasingly hard for the self-taught grower or extractor to get a Master Grower or Head Extraction Technician job. In fact, many cannabis industry jobs require their growers or extractors to have an advanced college degree.

    Luckily, you’ll likely do not need a college degree to work in a medical or recreational marijuana dispensary. But, you will need to have a wide range of knowledge about cannabis products. A bud tender is considered to be an entry-level dispensary job or it could be a way to get a foot in the door.

    The following is a bud tender job qualification list that I gathered from job boards or reputable websites like Herb CEO. The below qualifications is the closest you can get to an official Weedologist description.

    Recommended Bud Tender Knowledge

    Cannabis Knowledge

    Medical Marijuana-Have an expert knowledge of the ideal cannabis products for helping a customer’s mental or physical condition.

    Recreational Marijuana– Have detailed knowledge of the finest cannabis strains that can help serve a customer’s needs. For example, you’ll know the best strain for customers that want a creativity boost.

    • Terpenes-Know the various effects of the most common terpenes, for both recreational and medical weed patients.
    • Smoking Paraphanelia-Need to know all there is about the various smoking devices ranging from a simple ceramic spoon pipe and bong to a dabbing rig.
    • Ingestion-Know all of the various ways to consume weed. i.e. Edibles, vaping, extracts, etc.

    Soft or Service Skills

    You could have a genius-level Iq, photographic memory, and know all there is to know about weed. But a knowledgeable Weedologist has to know, along with customer service skills, how to convey his knowledge. Therefore, these soft skills are mandatory.

    • Memory-A budtender with the memory of a goldfish will not last long. The best budtenders, will need to be able to, without hesitation, answer the questions of the dispensary clients.
    • Listening-The best employees are able to closely listen to a customer; so they can best pair a product that will be suit a customer’s needs.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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