Why Does My Weed Taste Bad?

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    Main Reasons For Bad Tasting Weed

    There is nothing more disappointing than after you went through all the work of growing cannabis, watching your babies grow, and when after curing and drying you discover that your buds taste like $%#!

    So, you are asking yourself, as it is a mystery to you:


    This also happens to non-growers who at one time had, quality cannabis saved up for a special occasion. But, when they light up and start smoking, it at best has an underwhelming taste and at worst tastes horrible and is non-smokeable.

    Why Do You Have Crappy Tasting Weed?

    There are quite a few reasons for bad-tasting weed. Each of these is listed below and they are in no particular order:

    • Improper Curing
    • Grower Error
    • Trichomes and Terpenes
    • Low-Quality Reggie Weed
    • Cannabis Strain
    • Moldy Weed-
    • Buyer Error

    Weed Cured Incorrectly

    Improperly cured weed can make the best, dankest weed unsmokeable. As weed not cured correctly will likely result in sub-par, flavor, and also less potent weed.

    Weed Stored Incorrectly

    Weed, just like, wine and fine cigars need to be stored in the correct environment. Because even if you bought or grown, dank weed, that was cured and dried perfectly, if it is not stored correctly it will turn into rank-tasting weed that will not last as long as it should.

    The following are few guidelines for properly storing cannabis.

    • General Environment– Weed needs to be stored like fine wine or whiskey-a dark and cool place. The following are general guidelines to follow:
    • Dark-Dried and cured weed that is constantly exposed to light will eventually start losing valuable cannabinoids (responsible for THC) and terpenes. The solution is to keep your weed in light co-proof containers.
    • Too Hot or Cold– A cannabis bud that is stored in too high temperatures will dry out. This in turn will result in a loss of vital terpenes. Zero or fewer terpenes equals bad taste. So, keep your cannabis between 78 to 86 degrees.
    • Humidity Levels-Too much humidity can cause excess moisture, which in turn can cause, unsmokeable, mildewy weed. You should try for relative humidity between 59 and 63.

    Grower Error

    Other than the cannabis strain, itself. This is perhaps the most common reason for crappy tasting weed. There are many errors that a grower can do to make his weed taste like S#@$, some of which are listed below.

    • Poor Quality Clones or Cannabis Seeds-You can’t polish a turd. So, even a master grower, with the best equipment and fertilizer will not be able to make an inferior strain into quality weed. So, splurge and purchase the best strain that you can afford and that you are confident in growing.
    • Overfeeding-Feeding a cannabis plant too much can make even dank weed taste awful. So, be sure to give your plants both the proper and right amount of nutrients
    • Temperature-Never be above 85 degrees or less than 60 degrees
    • Humidity-The recommended relative humidity (“RH”) changes upon reaching the various plant growth stages. The vegetative growth stage should be at around 40 to 60%, and at the beginning of the flowering stage, it should be around 40% humidity. Toward the last few weeks of the flower growth stage, it should be from 40 to 45%.
    • Bad Soil-The soil PH (Soil or Water Acidity Levels) needs to be checked before it is planted and when it is growing. For hydroponics, the PH needs to be between 5.5 and 6.2, and for soil 6.0 and 6.8. Click here for info on how to check PH.


    Smell and taste are definitely intertwined with one another. So, bad-smelling weed will likely mean nasty tasting weed. The trichomes are the tiny hairs that cover growing cannabis and are responsible for making terpenes, THC, CBD, and CBDA in cannabis.

    The terpenes, in cannabis, are what gives weed its distinctive smell and taste. I.E., Some terpenes give off an aroma of berry lime and pine. Also, terpenes, like CBD and the cannabinoid, provide various other benefits to a particular weed strain.

    Terpene quality or lack of is a make-it-or-break-it moment when it comes to the smell and taste of your bud. If terpenes are compromised your buds will also be compromised.

    Smoker’s Preference-Perfectly fine terpenes and/or strains because of your personal preference may just smell and/or taste bad to you

    Reggie Weed

    Like with most things in life, when it comes to weed, you get what you pay for. Reggie weed (“Slang for regular weed, and weed that is considered to be inferior) or to put it another way, the overall quality of your weed is a prime reason for bad tasting weed.

    This bad weed has a hay smell and a strong, harsh, and bitter taste. Reggie seeds are especially known for smelling awful and also taste especially harsh.

    Reggie weed is identified by the following characteristics:

    • Looks-It it is likely a dark brown or green color with numerous seeds. The bud also has few if any crystals, which are the trichomes that hold the terpenes.
    • Touch– Decent weed should have a sticky feel to it. Reggie weed however will be dusty, and dry.

    Cannabis Strain

    Certain cannabis strains have a nasty or to put it nicely an acquired taste. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad cannabis. It just means that you either don’t personally like the taste of that particular strain or people put up with the nasty taste as it has other benefits. For example, below is a strain that, to most smokers, tastes as bad as its name.

    • Catt Piss-This strain has ammonia like the smell of cat urine. Hence, its name. The overwhelming smell makes it taste quite awful. However, many smokers like its effects. As a result, it is grown and prized by some.

    The solution to this problem is simple. Try a different strain if you don’t like smoking a certain cannabis strain.

    Moldy Buds

    Moldy buds taste awful and they are also bad for you. Assuming you purchase your weed from a reputable source, mildew-infected weed will most likely only happen if you do not correctly store, dry, or cure weed.

    Mold-infected buds can be identified by something that looks like a cobweb. And, if infected with Powdery Mildew, you’ll see a sawdust-like substance found on the bud. Other signs of mildew are dark spots on normal, green buds, and fuzz.

    Final Thoughts

    Smoker’s Only

    As you saw, there are many reasons why your weed might tastes bad. If you are a consumer, some of these reasons are beyond your control. For example, you cannot control whether or not the weed was grown at the right temperature, humidity, and if other best-growing practices were applied. This means that you need to know the signs of good weed and bad weed.

    If you are especially concerned about bad-tasting weed, do your homework before you buy a particular strain. Pot smokers can control how their cannabis is stored. So, be sure to store your weed at the correct temperatures, proper humidity, and away from direct light.

    The Cannabis Grower

    For cannabis growers, it is a bit more complicated to ensure that you are propagating dank weed that you can be a product to sell. First of all, newbie growers should not handicap themselves by purchasing cheap clones or seeds.

    To start out right, buy the best seeds or clones that you feel comfortable growing. Do your research on different various strains and find the best strain that you feel would be easy for you to grow. It should also go without saying that you need to make sure you correctly dry and cure your weed once it is ready to be harvested.


    Dank, Mid, and Reggie Weed

    The biggest reason for bad weed is the type or quality of weed that is purchased. The three most common classifications for weed are Dank, Mid, and Reggie. Each of these designates a certain quality of the cannabis buds and is explained below.

    Dank (AKA- Top-Shelf, Chronic)

    Dank Weed

    Dank is the cream of the crop, good quality weed. It is the best tasting, likely most potent, and overall it has the best genetics. Examples of Dank strains are Girl Scout Cookies (“GSC”), and Zkittles.

    The downside, as you likely expected, is as it is top-shelf it costs the most.


    Is a perfectly acceptable weed that will get the job done. Mid weed is a perfectly fine choice for most stoners. It can be the best choice for newbies, who may not yet appreciate truly dank weed, or for the smoker who is on a budget.

    Reggie Weed-(AKA-“Schwag”, “Dirt Weed”, “Brick Weed”)

    Reggie is slang for regular weed. True Reggie weed is striving to be regular and would love to be mediocre. This is the bottom of the barrel, and if you are lucky smokeable cannabis.

    It also has low potency. So, it is more likely to give you a raging headache than get your high. Additionally, it is often filled with seeds, and sometimes other containments.

    Reggie Weed purchased from a licensed dispensary is not good weed. However, it is most likely not dangerous, it may just taste bad or be mediocre tasting. Some brick weed though is contaminated with pesticide remnants, and even mold. So, along with a disappointing high, it can get you sick.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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    Learn how to grow weed indoors or outdoors fast with Ryan Riley's acclaimed - THE BUD BIBLE.

    Learn how to grow weed indoors or outdoors fast with Ryan Riley's acclaimed - THE BUD BIBLE.