Why Won’t My Joint Stay Lit?

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    Help Me!!! My Joint Keeps Going Out!

    It is a bit of a letdown when you are ready to take a hit of top-shelf chronic and you notice that you are constantly needing to relight the joint. It is especially annoying though when this happens at a party when the jay goes out after passing the joint to the left. So, what can you do to ensure that your joint stays lit? This article will address this and much more.

    What To Look For In This Article

    This article will go over the main reasons why your joint won’t stay lit. These are the cannabis itself, not prepping or correctly rolling a J, and the various types of rolling papers.

    Key Definition-Smokeability -The ability of rolling papers to keep burning without having to relight it. A paper that will stay lit the longest is said to have the most smokability.

    Were Your Marijuana Buds Prepped Correctly?

    You’re doomed to failure if you do not correctly prep cannabis before you start rolling joints. This means you should make sure your weed is ready to be smoked and also prepped for rolling. The following are mandatory prep that needs bed done before you even attempt to roll one.

    Incorrectly Grinding or Not Grinding At All

    Incorrectly grinding or even not griding your weed, is a major reason why your jay will not stay lit. DIY or makeshift grinders are not satisfactory. So, you need to purchase a herb grinder.

    What is a Herb Grinder?

    Evenly ground cannabis is a key to a more consistent, and better time smoking cannabis. The best way to do this is to purchase an herb grinder AKA spice grinder, which ranges from under $10 to over $200. A cheaper one, like the one below, should do just fine.

    Why Do You Need One?

    A weed grinder pulverizes up weed into fine pieces, which in turn reduces the chance of an uneven burn.

    Be careful that you do not grind your weed up into a powdery, dusty mess.

    Is Your Bud Cured Correctly?

    Under or over curing marijuana causes a number of problems that range from uneven burning to your joint not staying lit. As an example, over-cured weed burns too quickly. On the other hand, under-cured buds will likely have too must moisture. And too much moisture causes an inconsistent burning.

    Weed Storage

    Improperly stored weed will negatively affect your smoking experience that includes your stash’s smokeability. Luckily, all that is needed for properly storing cannabis is an air-tight jar. ( A glass jar will work. but, you need to make sure that you keep it out of the sun)

    Where Should You Store A Pre Rolled Joint

    ESD Metal Doob Tube Conetainer | Black | Fits King Size and 1-1/4 Cones - Contains Smells - Waterproof

    Because of their small size, a J is a convenient method for carrying weed with you. However, you need to properly store your joint so that it does not get dry, wet, or scrunched up. One way to do this is to purchase a cheap joint container, like a doob tube.

    Rolling Paper Material

    As the rolling paper manages the burning of weed after it is lit; it is an extremely important factor for ensuring that your joint will stays lit. That’s why the remainder of this article will examine hemp, wood pulp, and rice rolling papers.

    Here, Lies The Rub

    With rolling papers, there is a fine line between slow-burning and quick-burning papers. Slow-burning papers result in less wasted cannabis. However, slow-burn papers are also more likely to burn out before you are finished.

    Medium to quick-burning papers, on the other hand, tend to stay lit. But, they can burn so quickly that weed is often wasted. As a result, the trick is to choose a rolling paper that meets that happy medium.

    Choices, Choices, Choices

    Because weed being increasingly accepted in society you’ll have many choices for rolling paper material. Some of the exotic paper choices are clear rolling papers that are made out of cellulose, flavored papers like banana, strawberry, and cherry, and many more. The traditional choices are wood pulp, hemp, and rice. These and are considered to be the best papers. So, I will only examine these paper material choices.

    Paper Thickness Is The Key

    All else being equal a paper’s thickness is the key for smokability. A general rule is that the thicker the paper is the longer it will stay lit. The problem is though that a thicker paper may not give you a better smoking experience. So, I will mention to pros and cons of the three most common rolling paper materials, wood, hemp paper, and rice paper.

    Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

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    Wood, rolling papers, are the traditional tobacco cigarette paper that you are familiar with. Wood, In comparison to hemp and rice papers, is the thickest. Consequently, they have the most smokability. Nonetheless, wood papers may not be right for you. Below are the pros and cons of the traditional wood or tobacco rolling paper.

    Pros and Cons


    Easy To Roll-Based upon their texture, and thickness, they are by far the easiest to roll.

    Thickness-Being the thickest they are also stay lit the longest.

    Durability-The thick paper means that wood paper will hold its form the best and they are also the best from smoking in humid or even rainy weather.

    Price– As they are the most popular they are also the cheapest.


    Bleached-Your can either purchase brown (unbleached) or white (bleached), wood, rolling papers. Bleaching will make the papers strong. However, it comes at a price of chemicals like calcium carbonate and chlorine being used in the bleach.

    Taste-Wood papers, as they are the thickest, also tend to negatively affect the taste.

    Not Eco Friendly-Of course, trees are used in wood papers. And the chemicals used in the bleaching process also can be a contaminant.

    Hemp Rolling Papers

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    Hemp rolling paper is an all-natural and eco-friendly alternative to wood pulp rolling papers. They are valued for the following:


    Unbleached-They are, depending upon the manufacturer, unbleached and are all-natural.

    Medium Burn-Hemp papers won’t go out as quickly as rice papers.

    Beginner Friendly-Excellent choice for the newbie roller as they are thicker and have a grabbable texture.


    Taste-Hemp papers are known for having an acquired taste, which some may find objectional or that it might interfere with the flavor of top-shelf marijuana.

    Rice Rolling Paper

    Elements Ultra Thin Rice Connoisseur King Size Slim With Tips Rolling Paper 5 Pack

    As wood pulp paper is, by far the most popular paper, you might assume that rice papers are new. Your assumption would be wrong though as rice rolling papers were first made in 1865 by the Lacroix Rolling Paper company. And the rice rolling paper been the choice of many ganja lovers since.

    Arguably, based upon taste (or lack of taste), rice is the best choice. However, the rice rolling paper does have a few issues, which has affected its popularity. Read below to find out if the rice paper is for you.

    Pros and Cons


    Natural-Rice papers are almost always manufactured using totally natural materials. (Rice and sometimes flax)

    Taste– These are the thinnest, natural, rolling papers available. As a result, unlike hemp or wood pulp a rice rolling paper will not have a distracting after taste.

    Slow Burning-As less of your joint will burn down to unsmokeable ash, a slower-burning paper will result in you being able to smoke more of your weed.


    Slow Burning-The down point of a slower burning paper is that the light also has more chance to go out.

    Tough To Roll-As stated rice is the thinnest rolling paper that you can purchase. Thinness though comes at a price in that they are harder to roll. Additionally, rice is hard to handle, as it has no texture.

    Versatility Is Lacking-The thin and fragile nature of rice paper limits what you can do with them. For example, you’ll be hard-pressed rolling, a Cheech and Chong, monster joint with rice paper. Also, as these papers tend to be fragile, it could be hard to make a specialty joint, like the cross joint with rice rolling papers.

    Is Your Joint Too Tight Or Too Loose?

    The perfect rolling paper will not matter if you do not roll your joints correctly. I.E. Rolling your joint too tight or too loose reduces airflow, which in turn may result in it prematurally burning out. A guide to rolling “The Perfect Joint” deserves an article on its own. So, I would recommend that you look at the following articles

    Potential Alternatives

    Cheat With a Pre Rolled Cone

    RAW Cones Classic 1-1/4 Size | 50 Pack | Natural Pre Rolled Rolling Paper with Tips & Packing Sticks Included

    To ganja snobs, this might be considered cheating. But who cares if it allows you to enjoy a convenient and tasty pre-rolled joint? The Pre-rolled cone are joints that, as the name implies, are skinny on the smoking end and fat at the other end. To use it all you have to is grind up your weed, and then fill up the cone.

    Final Thoughts

    The weed itself, its prepping, and the paper used are all important factors when it comes to both rolling joints and keeping the joint lit. As a result, they defintely should not be ignored. You also shouldn’t ignore learning how to, at least, adqueately, roll one. And the best way to do that is to start out easy with the basic wood pulp paper and then, if you want, try a thinner paper.


    Top 10 Newbie Friendly Cannabis Seeds

    • Are you going to start growing for the first time?
    • Have you previously have had subpar growing results?
      If so, check out this list ASAP!
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